Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Strange for an Ass Man

I describe myself as a dyed in the wool ass man and I swear I was one before I hit full puberty. When my buddies were all popping woodies over our female classmates' budding boobs, it was only ass for me. It might've started in the sixth grade with an "exercise" the nun had us do on occasion. We got down on the floor on all fours and followed the directions of the "drill instructor" on the nun's record player as he had us rock back and forth at varying paces. I sat in the back row and there were nearly fifty of us in the class, so the good sister couldn't really see what we were all up to. I basically just hovered there in absolute awe looking at the panty clad ass of every last girl in the class as she moved back and forth. The good sister was clueless, and an ass man was most likely born.

I love a woman's bare ass. The way it looks. The way it feels. The way it tastes. I can get lost in licking a woman's asshole.

But... I've fucked Dee's ass and I've cum in it, but all in all I prefer fucking pussy to fucking ass.

[Part of post removed by request. 3/10/06]

And so, I'm a broken ass man at best. AAG was waxing eloquently about that strap-on in a recent post and here I was thinking, "Ummmmmmm, no thanks!" I hate drawing a line when it comes to anybody's potential fun, but my ass is off limits to anything bigger than a well greased finger.

Dee works the south forty with a butt plug.
That much I can handle and appreciate, but
keep that big dick in your pants, please, unless
you're gunning for the back of my throat.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Sweet Joe,

For you, I'll try to restrain myself to just one finger. Ok? Are we good?


Dee's Husband Joe said...

As good as gold, AAG! You can even make it the thickest, middle finger. :)


Jay said...

you just need to work your way up too something big

Biker & Teacher said...

QUOTE: About half of his cock felt delicious and then it felt like he was trying to rip me a new asshole up inside the old one.

We practice, practice, & practice, but I still cannot take much of The Biker. I probably will never be able to do it. ;P

Okay, I can hear the jokes now! But then my friends have always called me a tight ass. They should see me now!

The Teacher