Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On My Knees at the Glory Hole

I fantasized heavily back when I was curious but without the courage to act. Now and then I imagined myself trembling with excitement on my knees, with my face up to a glory hole, waiting for a big cock to come sliding through and into my waiting mouth. It didn't matter whom the guy might have been or what he looked like. I didn't want to kiss him or anything like that. I just wanted to suck his cock. To hear him moan. To feel him shiver with pleasure. To feel his scalding cum shoot into the back of my throat as I struggled to swallow it all without spilling a drop - the measure of a master cocksucker.

I haven't fulfilled the fantasy all the way like that yet. I've sucked like there's no tomorrow, but just when "tomorrow" was about to come - I balked. I want to be like Des and just keep going until I get my sticky treat, but I don't know if I can do it.

Anyway... Happy Cockbloggingwednesday. Here's the shot of me that inspired today's musing.

I think now and then about a strange cock poking
through a glory hole and into my waiting mouth.
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Desireous said...

Mmmm yes that does sound like LOADS of fun!!!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Mind the splinters, dear.

I'd love to see that poking out at me.

arousingphone said...

great read!

Adam said...

I've had a couple of gloryhole experiences (on the active side), but never very far. Then the sex police started making places board them up, plus I haven't been in an arcade in years. But it's a real turnon for me, too!