Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tense Moments - The Good Kind

In the heyday of my bi-curiosity thoughts of making a man near climb the walls by teasing him and holding him at the edge of crossing the line to orgasm were featured in many if not most of my fantasies. Oh, the things I imagined myself doing like taking his entire nut sac into my mouth and using the tip of my tongue to explore every square centimeter of its wrinkled flesh, licking his inner thighs, his ass cheeks, that taut area behind his balls, exploring his cock with a single, gentle fingertip while avoiding that one little spot on the underside just beneath the glans where a man most likes to be stimulated. How I pictured my male lover straining to feel my real touch, squirming with my deliberately teasing ministrations, now and then groaning in a spasm of an all too fleeting pleasure from something I would do and then stop doing just to build his desire to cum even more. I've likely written about it here before, but sexual tension remains at the forefront of the varied things that arouse me and get my precum flowing.

I particularly enjoy seeing it on one of the evenings we share with Don and/or Mike during the foreplay between Dee and her lovers when they're taking their time to fuel their mutual arousal. I especially love when I manage to capture an instant of sexual tension in a picture - a frozen slice of time in which a hard cock remains poised for all eternity, a hair's breadth away from where it would most like to be. There are two shots especially, from last week's play night, that gripped me as I was scrolling through the picture sets and masturbating.

The first features Dee gliding the juicy crease of her vulva back and forth along Don's rigid shaft...

There was no reason, really, for why Dee didn't take Don's more than ready cock straight up into her pussy when she mounted him on the bed, except to prolong their foreplay session and build their mutual want for each other. The look on her pretty face was most precious when I realized that she was enjoying teasing Don every bit as much as I used to fantasize about doing it to a man myself. When Dee paused in her back and forth ride over Don's dick it was to take it into her hand and feel its delicious hardness. I know it thrills her to make a guy rock solid hard as he plays with her and she with him and thus I knew that she was having much fun in appreciating the level of Don's arousal and desire to be inside her. She was feeling it too because after a few minutes, in spite of them feeling like an eternity to me as I waited to see them couple, Dee dismounted, laid back, and lifted her legs far and wide apart in as blatant an invitation as any for Don to fuck her as I've ever seen.
The second, is this one...

Don was fucking Dee doggie style at a moderate pace and then there was his long, hard cock totally withdrawn and poised to reenter her with just the very tip of his glans barely touching her liquid center. I'll bet there's not a guy alive who's ever fucked a woman who hasn't at one time or another withdrawn from her snug pussy completely just to savor the feeling of sliding his whole cock back up inside her. It was such a moment for Don and he even paused for a little while longer poised to drill Dee deep so I could get the shot - this very same shot over which I've stroked my cock a good number of times while totally enjoying every bit of the "almost there" excitement that I see in it.

Long live sexual tension. It floats my boat (on a ocean of cum)!
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GeorgeVanna said...

Joe, you are killing me.

Mac said...

Joe, georgevanna and myself are completely undone. We have become unglued by your descriptive words. I am hard, I am hot, I am horny. Do you have any inkling as to how lucky you are, my friend? I will tell myself you do, because I think you do, I know you do. That is your best post in a long, long while.

Leprechaun said...

Great masturbating to our stories. You certainly make it all cum together. I admire your images so much. Someday I will meet with my lover again and try to generate some images to share with you. Why don't you come and visit Hawaii sometime? I can imagine taking all sorts of lessons from you.
I still don't have Leprechaun Musings off the ground yet, but I think about it a lot.
Aloha, Bob