Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Variety of Fun Thoughts and an Anniversary

The absolute best sex evening of any given week is usually our "date night" with others. I long for it and look forward to it all week long, even when Dee and I are having our fun alone upstairs on other evenings. The whole day is one of great pleasure for me and it's difficult to concentrate on my job when most of what I'm thinking about is Dee naked with a variety of lovers and me. I think about the guys taking off Dee's clothes, about her reaching into their pants and pulling out their dripping, rock hard cocks and then sliding to her knees to pleasure them with her eager mouth - and of me doing the same. I think about that first amazing oral orgasm that one of us usually gives to Dee early on - the one that just winds her up and makes her crave the rest like a wanton, shameless nympho. I think about that first cock to ease into her pussy and drill her to a whole 'nother level of pleasure. I think about sloppy seconds, or thirds - about how phenomenally excited I am when I finally get around to putting down the camera to take my own turn with my sweet wife. I think about that look of absolute love on her face when I enter her and her other lovers watch us make love together. And, I think about the indescribable sensations that will course through my cock when Dee's pussy milks me of every drop of cum that I was aching all day to squirt into her. It's quite a rush of heated anticipation that drives me all day when we're heading to the motel later. It's a kind of excitement that makes spontaneous sex pale by comparison no matter how passionate it might be.

Dee and I are, though it's something you don't often hear about of us online, very family oriented. Most evenings you'll find us right here at "the ranch" doing something with, or for, or at least around the kids. We take our vacations as parents - not just the two of us. Even a dinner out is typically of the family sort and not of the romantic variety. In choosing to be parents, and in trying to be good ones, we've pretty much voluntarily given up those times where a sidelong glance ignites a spontaneous combustion of lust that comes together on the dining room table with clothes strewn wildly about. Most of our sex is planned, but it's good. It's damned good and I never feel like I'm missing something because we can't usually do it at the drop of a hat.

Mike just dropped a text message that he's already at the motel and waiting for us. All I need now is for Dee to get home from work, a quick bite to eat, and we'll be off to suck and fuck away the next few hours with Mike and Don. Today was one of those days that I wrote about above and my cock's been talking to me since I got up this morning. And, believe me, I've been listening to every last syllable, and enjoying this tension in my loins that I can't wait to release.

Oh, I almost forgot... Happy Anniversary, to us and Mike! Tonight's our 75th time with him, from our usual motel evenings, to here on our bed, a quickie on the futon in the basement, to Dee and him the back seat of her car with me driving and them licking and sucking each other to orgasm. The friendship we share with him on a daily basis makes the sex a really wonderful thing.

Dee and Mike take advantage of the opportunity
to enjoy a quickie on the futon after
Easter dinner a couple of years ago.
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Biker & Teacher said...


Hope you all had a wonderful anniversary celebration!

The Teacher

deeslittlemike said...

I just returned home from said celebration. Oh was it wonderful.

The sexy was great and the friendship even better.

Thanks Joe and Dee for being the wonderful friends you are


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Happiness to you all.

April said...

happy anniversary!!

Darkneuro said...

Happy Anniversary! :)