Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lickety Split and the WANNA Factor

Unlike us, it seems that many other sharing couples have a bi wife rather than a bi husband and although I once thought that it would be supremely hot to have Dee lick another lady to orgasm, that once upon a time fantasy has fairly well fallen by the wayside because I don't think it's ever going to happen. Honestly, if it were to happen, I wouldn't want Dee to do it because she thinks that Don, or Mike, or I would like to see her chow down; I'd want her to do it only if she really wanted to eat another woman. It's kind of like all those years when Dee wouldn't suck my dick. It wasn't so much that I wanted her to blow me as I wanted her to do it and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sucking her pussy. Luckily, that's all changed and she does a really nice blow job - and she enjoys it too, but I digress.

A slit licking babe in a porn flick doesn't do a thing for me unless she appears to be getting off on licking the other lady's clam. Come to think of it, nothing in a movie does a thing for me if the participants appear to be doing it for the money. I've been out of the XXX loop for a long time and couldn't even name a single player in today's porno flicks, but when I think of a 70s porn skank like Sharon Mitchell working over a set of hairy balls with her dirty tongue like they were to be her last meal I need to hunch over to walk or risk rupturing my hard cock as it's trying to burst through my pants.

I guess when you get right down to it, the WANNA factor is all important to me. Something sexual is very stimulating and arousing when the doer wants to be doing whatever he or she is doing to pleasure the recipient. Bonus points if the doer is receiving reciprocal pleasure at the same time. When Dee sucks our dicks tonight and then lifts those classic legs for the three of us to fuck her in turn, it'll be precisely because she wants to drain our balls into her, and because she wants to feel the pleasures we'll give her in return. If she never tongues a pussy, so be it, as long as she's enjoying what she is doing.

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Darkneuro said...

Precisely! You hit it. The Wanna factor. Most porns are no-wanna. Bored, blank stares. (shudder)... Gimme wanna.

Suze said...

Joe, well said it further strengthens the argument that you need to be mentally stimulated, not just physically.

I hope one day she gets the opportunity to go down on another woman. It's a totally different experience, very pleasurable.

James said...

Oh yeah, it's all in the wanna. Enthusiasm is the key.

Of course what else would the SexEnthusiast say?


Kim said...

Okay, I'll ask...What is going on in the background of that picture?

Hot post, as always!

A y Jota said...

Agreed, WANNA is important. However..... I thought like you, the wife will never "wanna" go down on someone, she had explicitly said so.
But, the first time we had a swinger experience with another couple I was busy working the guy's cock and I said to her "I'd love to see you lick her", so she did. The fact that I wanted it made her want it, kindda like I passed her my "wanna".... maybe you should try...

Dee's Husband Joe said...

It's always nice when my friends concur with me! :)

Kim, that's Dee's regular lover, Don, lying beside her and kissing her while Gloria's licking her pussy. Gloria's hubby, Brad, also played with Dee while Gloria gave me THE definitive blowjob of my entire life - with full swallow!


MikeCindynJoe said...

Hey Joe,

I agree with the "wanna" part of it. Fortunately, after we started sharing, then swinging, my Cindy soon found out that she is VERY bi and loves sex with women too. She now has the best of both worlds.

Keep on blogging!


Mac said...

Gee, Joe, it could not have been said any better that you said it. Nothing, repeat nothing in sex is pleasurable, really, if either participant(s) is just doing it to please the other and is not enjoying it themselves. Seeing two women enjoying each other is one of the great turnons of my life but not if they both are not enjoying what they're doing. When and if Dee decided she wanted to eat another woman I'm sure it will be of her very own desires and not the desires of anyone but her. You're straight up buddy!!

GeorgeVanna said...

Would love to see more of Gloria and Dee with the guys helping out.