Friday, February 03, 2006

Black Panties and What's Underneath

I'm dating myself in saying this, but a long time ago I bought the Steve Miller Band's Abracadabra on a 45 RPM record just to hear a bit of a stanza over and over again because it so captivated me:

Silk and satin, leather and lace
Black panties with an angel’s face.

While there are times that I like to dwell on the image of Dee in white panties which give her that demure, innocent look (in spite of how hot she is under that cotton) there are other moments in which I love thinking about her, or better - seeing her - in black panties which give her that decidedly impish look, particularly if she's appearing before a lover clad in nothing but those black panties for him to take them off when he's ready.

I've seen Dee's bottom thousands of times - nearly every day for almost 23 years and I'll never grow tired of the sight whether she's sporting something other than bare flesh or not. On an occasional lazy evening when I'm too tired, sore, or full from a particularly piggish stay at the buffet I like to lie back on the bed with Dee beside me, but with her feet up by my head and her legs wide apart for me to contemplate the beauty of her devilish bottom while I stroke my dick and she toys with my balls and ass. I like to put a finger into her as she lies like that, to feel her warmth, the moisture of her walls, her snug feel and to think about the many lucky lovers who've enjoyed those very same sensations on their hard cocks as they've made love with her.

Though we've done it so many times that one would likely think that the charm's worn off for me, I look forward to each evening of sharing Dee as much as I did that first time that she welcomed Don to take her and cried out to him, "Cum for me Don! I want to feel you cum inside me!" as he drilled her from behind and feasted on the view of her sweet ass and his own stiff cock riding through her swollen labia. That's the part of Dee's persona that I think about when she's in black panties - the part that can't wait for her lover to strip her out of them to fill her to the brim first with his hard cock, and then with his steaming cum in what's often a moment of utter and mutual bliss because often the spasms of Dee's orgasms set off her lovers' own climaxes.

So, can you tell that I'm really missing our usual evening of wife sharing this week?

I love the sight of Dee's bottom.
Bonus points for black panties!
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FlirtWife said...

wow what a great pic.. wow

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You are a lucky man...and Dee is such a lucky woman.

NeverEnough said...

I love Steve Miller and that album! Yeh, we're old.