Sunday, February 05, 2006

But I'm an Ass Man, I Tell You!

Because her back's been hurting, Dee went without a bra all day yesterday and I don't know that I could remember a day on which she'd ever done that in the past if I thought about it long and hard. I'm thinking that the pills from which I switched a few weeks ago had been affecting my libido as well as my general mood because I'd have fucked a knotty piece of pine yesterday and would have come back for more after picking out the slivers. After jerking off early while Dee played with my balls and I fingered her (Her back was too tender for the horizontal mambo.) I took advantage of some alone time later in the day to make myself cum twice more, and then again before heading to bed. And they were good ones, too - squirters - not dribblers!

Somehow knowing that those beautiful big areolas and nipples were right there under Dee's shirt had me horny to beat the band, and it just wouldn't quit. And this is in spite of tits not usually having as much of an effect on me as ASS does. We went doggie walking and I had Dee pick up her shirt for a few pics by the neighbor's garage. We went off to Wal-Mart and along the way I had her flash me some tit while she was driving. Of course when we were alone at home, my thumbs were playing the banjo on those stiff nips every chance I got, and before the day was out Dee was sufficiently aroused to want my tongue in her panties which was a wonderful bonus to my screaming hornies. I don't know if I ever mentioned just how delicious an eat Dee is, but her pussy was made for snacking and dining every bit as much for all the other fun the guys and I like to have with it.

Oh well... Time for church... I hope the usual hot MILFS will be there today!
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deeslittlemike said...

Joe when I found out this morning that Dee didnt have a bra on all day yesterday I got hard almost instantly. Wow so sexy!

You are right she does have a very tasty pussy. I enjoy diving my tongue deep inside her.

You and Dee have gotten me very excited this weekend, thanks so much for all the teasing. See you again soon.


MikeCindynJoe said...

lol, Joe. what a segue... from eating Dee's pussy to goint to church. And when there, to perv on "any hot MILFs there". LMAO!

Keep on blogging!


Dee's Husband Joe said...

Mike (of Mike, Cindy, and Joe), when are you going to start blogging? I looked at your profile and it would appear that you must have some hot stories to share (not to mention pics)!


Desireous said...

LOL I just left another one of my fav bloggers sites who was also mentioning church. Only she got some guys phone number then I come over here and read about the MILF's at church and I'm thinking, hmmm maybe I need to start going to church more and see what there is to see. Cause you all seem to be having a blast there!


Eurolovers said...

I read your Blog and I find it very entertaining. Since we have similar interests you may be interested in reading mine also.