Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CBW: Mid-February Edition

Happy Cockbloggingwednesday!

For not having eyes, (not even that proverbial one), my cock sure loves to watch Dee making love with her bedmates. A few passionate kisses between her and a lover and El Dicko is straining to get out of my pants even before they start to touch each other's fun places through their clothes. It's not always easy getting naked myself with one hand 'cause the other's too busy to interrupt in tending to the camera, but somehow I always manage even if it sometimes requires the help of a friendly set of hands. I thrive on that particular and unique throbbing feeling in my stiff flesh when I'm watching Dee at her sexual best. In part, it's why I usually cum last when we're sharing Dee with others; I like to sustain that amazing level of arousal as long as I can. Though the sensation is suborgasmic, it's very rich in pleasure in its own right and I so enjoy to savor it.

My very aroused cock sporting Dee's warm and
gooey thong right after Mike stripped it off her.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

My dear, you make an excellent clothes-rack.

Love that picture.


dirty girl said...

I love the picture too.... and I cannot lurk any longer! I love your blog guys! your pictures make me very happy!!

dg xx

Desireous said...