Monday, February 20, 2006

Got What I Wanted!

I was, in high school, one of those pathetic guys about whom too many girls said, "I love you... (Brace yourself!) ...AS A FRIEND," (Cue racking sobs and huge tears.), because I was too quick to write a poem or compose a song when I felt myself attracted to somebody. Us bards and troubadours were a dime a dozen, apparently, at a time when every girl wanted her very own bad boy.

A hearty FUCK YOU! to all the girls who ever made me feel like a shit when you said that " a friend" thing. I don't feel the tiniest bit sorry for you with what you got from those bad boys - the black eyes, the shattered dreams, the PFA orders, the squalor, the debt, the broken spirit, the crushed self esteem that you still can't raise yourself from thirty years later.

I forget which comedian compared that blistering "like a friend" scenario to a job interview that ends something like this...

You know what? You're the perfect candidate for this job and you have all the right qualities! You're exactly who we've been looking for! But, we're not going to hire you. Instead, we're going to hire this lazy, good for nothing slob who's not at all qualified to do the job and pay him twice as much as we'd have given you, but if you don't mind, every now and then we'd like to call you to cry to you about how this other guy's not working out. Sounds about right.

This is why Dee is my miracle. With her I fared far better than I'd ever imagined I might back when I learned painfully that nice guys finish last. She didn't particularly want a poet. Nor a bad boy. All she really wanted was me. Technorati Tags: deesjoe sweetmrs39 cock sucking cocksucking cocksucker pussy fuck fucker fucked fucking licker licking balls nuts fellatio blow job blowjob dick handjob hot wife hotwife shared wife sharedwife cunnilingus cunt snatch slit gash vagina sex sexy sexblog sexblogs blog cum ejaculate bareback swingers swinging bi bisexual bi-sexual bicurious bi-curious jism cockbloggingwednesday half-nekkid thursday hnt rimjob rimming vulva labia intercourse nipples tits areola areolas majora minora breasts clitoris penis lifestyle dildo erection polyamory milf semen masturbation masturbate orgasm climax clit dick prick boner hardon woody erection asshole anus buns analingus ass


Biker & Teacher said...

QUOTE She didn't particularly want a poet. Nor a bad boy. All she really wanted was me.

Joe-That is absolutely right! Thank God, some of us are lucky enough to have a woman like that. It's the man in between all the other stuff that our women found. The things we didn't even know we were.

The Biker

Mac said...

My sentiments, exactly. I was not a stranger to the same s---.

MrManicDepressive said...

Count me in that number too. You're such a sweet guy, a great friend, blah de blah de fucking blah!

Same thing with some of the jobs I've had. Hell, one place let me get away. They told me this story about how they needed someone with more experience that could start right away. Six months later, they still hadn't hired anyone. Six months I could have been traing. Great reviews, great employee, don't need you. Bastards!

I was lucky I found TW. We fit together perfectly.

Great blog. You're living my dream.