Friday, March 03, 2006

Ahhhh! Nuts!

One of the biggest sex arguments that Dee and I ever had during the bad years of our love life was about my balls - specifically about her refusal to lick them for me. With how infrequently she allowed me into her pussy I'd thought I hit upon a great idea when I proposed to her that I would basically jerk myself off, but at the peak of my arousal, when I was ready to cum, she would lick and suck on my nuts. No way. No how. Not even when I shaved them. Not even fresh from the shower. Not even with cellophane wrap covering them. It was a long time that I harbored ill feelings about that and often I could hardly enjoy the little sex I did get because I really, really, really wanted my balls licked.

I mention this because just last night I was treated to what just might be the absolute best ball licking Dee's ever given me. It was an ordinary evening by all measures - one of our plain vanilla sex evenings at home (Our date with Mike and Don was cancelled because of the snow and ice we had here yesterday.) and I wasn't expecting anything beyond the usual excellent time that Dee and I have together. When Dee wrapped her fingers around my cock and put her tongue to my sac, though, I nearly hit the ceiling so delicious were the amazing sensations I felt which for some reason were positively and maddeningly, wonderfully so beyond the typical very good ones.

I stopped her after a little while to ask what she was doing, telling her that I'd like to do the same thing to Mike when we see him - hopefully tomorrow here on our own bed. She took my hand and demonstrated on the back of it with the tip of her tongue what she was doing on my balls. It all seemed so ordinary, but I knew what I was feeling down there and I quickly urged her head back down between my outspread legs for more. I could barely pull myself away to slip my dick up into her pussy, but that's where I most love to cum and she was extra juicy for me.

I don't know if I'll be able to duplicate those sensations for Mike tomorrow, but you can bet that I'll knock myself out trying.

The way to this man's heart is
right here - through his balls.
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Philosophy of Being said...


For us ladies who enjoy licking and sucking clean shaven balls, I do believe there is a secret technique but I think Dee just showed you.

I became wet just reading your blog!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...CJ never had to ask twice when it comes to me loving his balls. Sometimes I'm even a little too angry for them.
He keeps them clean shaven and I love the taste and feel of them and what my tongue on them does to them...
yours look very tasty
nothing like rolled nuts, huh?

I ache just reading about it.
I may end up drenching CJ's balls soon.

GeorgeVanna said...


thanks a lot for this one


Desireous said...

Mmmm, shaved balls! How I love the feel of smooth balls on my tonuge and in my mouth! Yummy!


Dane said...

Ah, the licking I could give those balls...

Absofuckinglutely great pic.

Hope you have a great time with Mike