Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Deep Drive

Anyone who's ever fucked knows about what I call "The Deep Drive" - that involuntary, major thrust of the guy's hips which essentially pile drives his cock into his lover's soft pussy and pokes the plum of his glans against her cervix if he's long enough to reach. His balls flatten against her labia majora with every last nanometer of his hard dick flesh buried in her juicy hole, and even then he pushes more as if he's trying to pack his entire physical essence into his lover's welcoming vagina. Though a guy's not necessarily ejaculating when one of those deep drive spasms comes over him, that instinctive maximum thrust might be nature's way of trying to ensure the issuing of sperm during the deepest penetration.

It's no secret that I very much enjoy watching my wife's lovers doing it all with her nor that I take a lot of pictures when she's entertaining a gentleman caller in her bed. I like looking at the pictures afterwards almost as much as being there in the moments when they're being made. Occasionally I'll shoot a short video clip of the action and when I manage to capture one of those deep drive moments in motion it's always an extra thrill when I see a guy trying to stuff his cock, balls, and entire pelvis up into her. I know how good she's making him feel, and that's a good part of what it's all about for both of us.

Ron's doing the deep drive, thrusting up into Dee while pushing
down on her hips to get every last bit of his cock inside her.
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Desireous said...

The deep dive Oh yeah! Now your talking! How I love that! Thanks for sharing the video treat! It's always such a joy to visit here!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I love that moment. You described it beautifully.

Mac said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts and vid, Joe. Yes, that is a beautiful moment and it feels so good to be in the spot you describe.

Suze said...

Joe, you couldn't have put it any better. I sometimes think we have a kind of affinity.