Sunday, March 05, 2006

Meanwhile, Back at the Fort

Last evening we had a wonderful time with Mike and adding to the specialness was that we were able to have him here at our home to make love with Dee on our own bed. They went through the usual paces with their typical ardor, taking off each other's clothes, licking and sucking on the appropriate fun parts, and then joining together with Mike's bridge of hard flesh connecting their aroused bodies first with Dee on top, and then switching to their favorite missionary position after a rather lengthy intermission of cunnilingus.

It's always noteworthily arousing and exciting to watch people have sex live, close-up, and in person - to see the amazing union, to smell the aroused scents of the participants, to hear their subtle or overt sounds whether or not they're shaped into words. What likely doesn't occur to anyone who fantasizes about watching live sex, though, is how amazing it is to be privy to the emotions exchanged by the persons who are playing together. When Mike's in Dee it's not only his cock joined with her body; their very souls are touching. What I saw last night, though, was that that same deep connection is there even if he's not in her body.

I was lying on the bed next to them when Mike was on top and I heard him whisper to Dee, "I'm going to cum inside you," before a slight moan and shudder a moment later heralded his ejaculation. I couldn't begin to describe the myriad of rich emotions which course through me when one of my closest friends is enjoying the pleasure of cumming in Dee, but I was keenly conscious of them last evening when I knew that Mike was spraying into her pussy. Mike seemed to go on forever with many little quivers and soft groans, each one accompanying the jolt of pleasure he was feeling with each squirt of his warm cum. Dee was smiling her usual wonderful grin that she often sports when she knows that she's taken her partner past the point of no return in spite of his efforts to hold back his ejacuation. It was a superb moment!

It was what came next, though, that gave me a unique thrill. Mike has the most amazing and quite enviable ability to stay hard after he cums. Now and then he deflates a little after ejaculating, but more often than not he's either still rock solid or no more than a few minutes away from another full hard on. After Mike finished cumming in Dee's warm pussy he slipped his cum coated cock out of her and slid it up along the length of her vulva. She shuddered with delight as his spongy head slid over her clitoral hood and if I had been looking up I might have seen a light bulb glowing over his head. Ever so slowly he teased her then by gliding his cock along the full length of her pink crease. Gone was the smug grin of satisfaction that Dee had been wearing when she made Mike spill into her; Mike was now the cat and she was the mouse.

When I'm in a bedroom with Dee and one or more of her lovers time is distorted and it never seems to pass in a discernible way. It seemed to be a very long time during which Mike played his dick along Dee's labia, occasionally dipping back into her hole for a few pumps, and the really cool thing was that I could see how much she wanted to cum. I love watching a good tease and Mike was giving my wife a grand one, one slide of his cock at a time. His cum clung to his shaft to make the sight extra hot as he worked his stiff cock through her puffy lips and with each roll of his hips the increasing need in Dee to orgasm was raised a notch. When she finally went over the top the release of sexual tension was palpably magnificent. For a guy who's normally oblivious to most things in life even when they're practically hitting him on the head, I amaze myself with a finely tuned ability to appreciate keenly a good sexual moment and Dee climaxing to the tune of Mike's hard dick strumming her gash was as fine a moment as I've ever had in our sharing experiences.

I grabbed my clothes and left Mike and Dee upstairs to exchange their final, lingering sex kisses and to get dressed, and came downstairs to start making us a late dinner. (Fettuccini Alfredo with shrimp and clams. Yes, ladies, I can cook too.) And so passed another fine evening of sharing the most wonderful, craziest kinds of friendships we've ever had.

I loved the sexual tension in the room
when Mike was sliding his cock over Dee's
sensitive clit and making her wait
till he was ready to let her orgasm.
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Mac said...

That is hottttttttttt!!! No other word for it. Well, maybe intimate and loving. Would have loved to have seen the look on Dee's face as she had that last ecstatic orgasm.

MikeCindynJoe said...


You know I've been entertaining the notion of starting a blog of my own, but the more I read of yours, the more I find there's no need. Your musings and mine are so similar, I could just come in here everyday and cut-and-paste yours into mine!

I'd never do that, of course, but until I get enough nerve to start my own, I'll continue to anxiously read yours. Keep it up! (pun intended)


Cocoa Baby said...

A very sexy read!I'm soooo jealous!


serendipitygirl said...

i just found this amazing site...and i love it! you definitely have a lovely way with words that can be sweet and touching, or hot and sexy!