Saturday, April 15, 2006

Conscious of the Lucky Factor

I got another one of them this morning - a letter from a poor guy trapped in a shitty marriage telling me that I have no idea of just how lucky I am to have a wife who enjoys sex as much as Dee does. Believe me - I know. I know to the core of my being just how lucky I am not only to have this wonderful woman who loves her orgasms as much as I love mine, but to have her freely living out with me many of the fantasies I harbored for years with no genuine hope of making them real.

In my nightstand is a well worn copy of Penthouse Letters from September of 1997. On occasion when I'm waiting naked on the bed for Dee to emerge from a hot oil bath I take it out and read again the story that spells out what I had only once imagined it might be like to watch my wife go all the way with another man. That story was my top shelf fantasy for years.

An excerpt... My favorite paragraph, just as the author's wife is being penetrated for the first time by another man's hard, eager cock in a full swap setting...

"...Chuck looked huge as he loomed above my five-four wife. Barbara nudged me a couple of feet to the right, and we had a perfect view of Chuck's enormous glans touching the slit it was about to enter. The swollen, purplish cockhead, plum-sized, parted my wife's hairy twat. My heart pounding, I saw the huge thing disappear as Sandy's heeled feet jerked in the air above Chuck's ass and a low cry escaped her lips. Chuck paused, his puffy glans alone encased in my wife's honey pot..."

How many times I read that story when I was alone and jerking off during the bad years when I'd have been happy enough to have good sex at home never mind to even think about really putting a naked Dee who barely tolerated sex into another man's arms. The unlikelihood of it ever actually happening was so far fetched that I'd sooner have believed that someday I might win a lottery worth a few million than to see my sweet wife spread her bare bottom wide open to welcome a lover's stiff dick up inside her warm body. It was as crazy a fantasy as anybody could ever have, so yeah - I do know how lucky I am to be living the dream over and over again when Dee makes love with our friends. To have a wife with whom the sex here at home is spectacular and frequent. To be married to the best lady friend a guy could ever hope to have.

Just as the man in the story watched his wife with Chuck,
I lived out that very moment in watching Ted pause
with his glans nestled in Dee's vestibule for a
moment before he eased the full length of
his generously thick cock up inside her.
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Mac said...

That's a great story and an incredibly beautiful picture of Dee about to be filled. What a shot!!

RobbieG said...

Your're a lucky dog Joe. Happy Easter.

NotSoNormal said...

I'm with you. It's indescribable that feeling of watching your wife succumb and be entered by another man. Great post!