Friday, April 14, 2006

Some Musical Inspiration

I've been downloading music from a site which features music by up and coming, relatively obscure artists who offer their works for free just to be heard or to try to create a market for their musical wares. I grabbed some excellent soul style jazz and I'm starting to pick my way through other genres as well. Although it's all the work of no-name performers some of the stuff I've grabbed is really very good.

I was listening in the car yesterday to something that sounded like it would have been absolutely perfect as the background music for a porno movie in the 70's. (A little something for Desiree Cousteau to have bumped and ground to, perhaps. Her and that round, scrumptious ass that stole the enema scene in Pretty Peaches!) Anybody who saw me motoring by would likely have thought that I'd lost it 'cause I was seat dancing and making up some contrived porn dialog which I was groaning aloud as I drove along.

My best line... Spoken in a very low, gravely, Black man's voice... "That's it baby. Under my balls. Oh fuck, yeah! Lick m' asshole. I left it extra dirty for ya, 'cause I know that's how you like it."

Don't ask me where that came from, but I cracked myself up with it and I kept repeating it till I had the inflection just the way I wanted it in a voice that sounded like a cross between Isaac Hayes and one of Marge Simpson's chain smoking sisters.

I'm thinking maybe I'll record it, convert it to an mp3 and send it to my cell phone as a new ringtone.

And then have somebody call me when I'm at church.
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Nameless Blogger said...

I LOVE finding new music for inspiration. Would you mind sharing the link? Love your site btw.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

I should have linked to there in the original post.