Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Most Memorable Anniversary

Thirty years ago this very day I lost my virginity with my sister's best friend Marcy.

She was 17 to my 18 and we'd done just about everything else together that a naked girl and guy could do except that. I never forgot - not the significance of the occasion, nor the date itself.

I loved Marcy on and off - as much as a kid could love. Even when we weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend, just as easily as when we were I could take her by the hand to my bedroom when the opportunity presented itself to lick her sweet pussy and get a suck 'n' swallow in return. In some sense I'll always love her - for being my first - for giving me that precious gift of herself completely.

I saw her last at my grandmother's wake and as we stood there in front of the casket making small talk with Dee beside me all I could do was undress Marcy with my eyes and wish I could take her to bed again.

I'd love another romp with Marcy. I'd love to do it all and to do it right just once with her because all we ever got together were the many hurried experiences while listening with a well tuned but distracting ear for the sound of my old man's car pulling into the driveway. I never got "closure" with her. She and my sister simply went their separate ways as best friends sometimes do when they get older and discover that they have less in common than they once did.

Thirty years ago today, though, the only closure I was thinking about were the petals of Marcy's labia closing tightly around the circumference of my cock. And they did, oh so beautifully.

Marcy's smile.
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1 comment:

Suze said...

Joe, it's nice to reflect and enjoy those hot encounters. Yes, there was always the fear of being discovered by either set of parents or a passer-by.

Did that add to excitement? I think it probably did. ;)