Thursday, April 20, 2006

Once More a Cookie Speaks Volumes

What are the chances...

There I was this morning at Wal-Mart planning to pick up what I needed and head home for a salami and cheese on rye sandwich when the Chinese buffet across the parking lot began calling my name. Not one to be overtly rude when I'm being beckoned so personably I quickly reconsidered that sandwich and decided that I was worth the $6 to give in to the buffet's shameless temptations.

I resisted stuffing myself to the bursting point because tonight's a long overdue date night with the guys and when Dee's all full of their cream and ready for me to add mine I don't want to have to hold my gut and groan, "Oh, I ate too much." I had a nice lunch and with a wry smile I waited for my fortune cookie to see if I could possibly luck out and get another cool one - one that would not only be more sensible than the oft gotten, "You like Chinese food!" but that would make me grin as the last one did a few days ago.

What I got nearly knocked me out of my flip flops...

I was speechless as a number of interpretations crossed through my consciousness - all of them too easily seen as perfectly applicable to the blue words on the little piece of paper between my fingers.

In my pictures I make the well tuned eye see that there is much beauty to be admired in the body of a married, middle-aged woman. A beauty too often veiled and hidden from sight. A beauty far too frequently "owned" exclusively by a husband. I love sharing the beauty which is Dee's body with her appreciative fans and her lovers.

In my writings I make some people aware of the wonder to be found in sharing one's wife with other men. Yes, it's powerfully arousing to do so, but I also find an addictive deep beauty in it about which I've written at length in this forum on other occasions. When I watch Dee melt into another man's arms eager for him to penetrate her there is such an amazing beauty to it all. I'm only too happy to share these feelings with those who can read of them here and understand in part what I feel in the moments themselves.

In my mental meanderings I also help some men to see the beauty to be found in experiencing deep sexual gratification with other men. The beauty to be found in becoming honest, finally, with one's self late, rather than never, in admitting an attraction to partners of one's own gender. The beauty which is a penis - hard - throbbing - highly aroused and eager to be pleasured. The beauty in making another's cock cum - squirt - spray - gush!

C'est moi! I do. By golly, I do make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world. I'm happy to do so for those who appreciate my efforts in whatever form they're manifested.

What are the chances of getting two such remarkable fortunes from two different Chinese restaurants within the same week? I don't know, but I'm thinking that maybe I should play the lottery before the week is out.
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velocity said...

I agree that you share beauty with the world. I am loving reading your blog. You and Dee are inspiring to me. I'm new to being shared by my husband, and I enjoy reading about your adventures. I only hope that we can find a regular group of people to play with that live close to us. You have a wonderful way of writing, and I'd read your blog no matter what it was about. (although sex is definitely my favorite topic). I love the pics you share, you are both very sexy people.

Mac said...

You've always been able to express the beauty you find extremely well to me Joe. It is a beautiful thing that you and Dee share.