Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rest in Peace, Gloria

I was out of town when I got a text message from Don today to tell us that Gloria passed away. She was the wife of the first married couple with whom we played. I've never had this happen before - the loss of someone with whom I was intimate. She was a beautiful person. If you're of the praying kind, send her up a Rest in peace.

May the angels lead you into paradise;
may the martyrs come to welcome you,
and take you to the Holy City,
the new and eternal Jesusalem.
May the choirs of angels welcome you
and lead you to Abraham's Side;
where Lazarus is poor no longer
may you find eternal rest. Amen.


Desireous said...

So sorry Joe to hear of your loss. You must feel very sad.


deeslittlemike said...

Sorry to hear about your friend Joe. You have my deepest sympathies. I know you will miss Gloria. Thinking of you buddy.

Your "bestest" buddy


Mac said...

Very sorry Joe