Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Longtime Friend Considers

I spent some time last evening, when Dee and daughter went out, with a friend from college who remains one of my closest friends. He's the only longtime friend aside from Gary, my best friend from high school, who knows the whole story of sharing Dee.

Back at school it seemed as if he had an eye for Dee himself, but he never bothered pursuing her because she was wearing an engagement ring when she came in as a sophomore transfer student.

We invited him to join us for a date night way back when our extramarital excursions began, but he was uncomfortable with the idea because he didn't want to risk messing up our marriage. Last evening he said a thing or two that lead me to believe that he might be getting a bit warmer to the idea of sliding naked between the sheets with Dee. I hope he comes around and takes the plunge with her - a great big cum spraying plunge like he might have taken nearly 30 years ago if not for that diamond she was wearing when we first met her.

Dee in her dorm room where our buddy might have had
her if he'd taken her engagement ring as
lightly as I did when I decided to pursue her.
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GeorgeVanna said...

We can't wait for next installment.

G and V

deeslittlemike said...

Hey Joe very interesting news. I hope I get an invite for a front row seat.

I like seeing Dee pleasured as much as pleasuring her. Some nights I am not sure what I enjoy more.

Ok cumming inside her is the best. LOL


MikeCindynJoe said...

I'd say that Mike's "OK" comment was most accurate. As far as Gary goes, I'd say "Go for it!" (Or should I say that to Gary?) If you do let Gary into your group, just please post the pictures. The March 4th postings are good but are somewhat dated. :-\

I love this blog. I encourages me to complete my own.


Dee's Husband Joe said...

Mike, it's not Gary who's considering playing with Dee. Gary only gets his extramarital jollies with other guys. It's a single friend who lives right here; Gary's in the greater Boston area.

As for updating the pictures... Don doesn't want to appear in any more pictures here so I can only show shots from evenings without him. We haven't had one of those since I posted the March 4th shots.