Monday, May 29, 2006

Happily Ungagged

A late mail last night raised the last bit of dark cloud that I'd been sitting under since the beginning of March; I'm free again to recount some of the best experiences of sharing Dee and the resulting sense of relief is wonderful. I admit that it was my own damned fault that I was asked to shut up in the first place. If only I could tame my eagerness to share all of the juicy details of a date night's fun. I don't like being an all or nothing sort of person and need to learn to enjoy moderate amounts of good things instead of needing to gorge myself on them.

This past week for the 115th time I watched Dee melt into Don's arms as magically as she did their first time together nearly four years ago. It would be our 177th sharing experience and the awe that I feel isn't the least bit diminished. If anything it increases with the passage of time.

As usual, in the days leading up to our date night with him Don sent Dee a number of steamy e-mails in which he suggested various scenarios that he'd like to play out in person. One thing gripped me, as so often one does, and stood out high above all others - Don asked Dee if he could cum in her mouth. It's not that Dee objects to taking a load orally, but it's something best requested in advance and not pulled as a surprise. Of course she assented, but with so many other delicious things to catch up on it remained to be seen if Don would actually do it when the time to cum would come or if he'd give into the sensations of her pussy and ass first.

I think it might have been one of our best date nights with Don ever. Dee's responsiveness to his pleasurable ministrations was keen - her orgasms frequent and intense. For nearly two hours they kissed, cuddled, licked, sucked, diddled, and fucked. Don's tongue and cock sent Dee crashing through more waves of orgasmic bliss than anybody could possibly count from sublime breast rolling, pelvis twitching tingles to whole-bodied heaving jolts of amazing sensation accompanied by other-worldly though muted groans. They switched positions frequently not only to perform oral on each other, but to share the mutual pleasures to be gotten from Don's cock working Dee's juicy pussy too. Her little toes curled each time Don's stiff dick took her over the crest of yet another strong climax. Clearly he was savoring his ability to get her off so beautifully and frequently all the while holding back his own urge to climax.

When Don finally got Dee on all fours later on in the evening and positioned himself behind her to spread her buns and ease his hard cock up into her tight asshole I thought for sure that his desire to flood Dee's mouth with his jizz would quickly evaporate. Dee's snug ass is Don's favorite place to be and more often than not he's cum inside her there so when he got her back door adjusted to his girth and started fucking her ass vigorously I was nearly certain that he'd keep on going until he reached his own orgasm. I watched his cock working swift and deep between Dee's soft ass cheeks and was amazed as always at how frequently Don's dick in her ass brought her to climax and how strong those orgasms were. Don's thighs slapped off Dee's buns with every thrust and again and again I heard her groan her approval of the sensations as Don's rock hard dick pushed and pulled on her tender asshole. To my surprise, though, after Dee's fourth or fifth climax while having her ass fucked Don slipped out before climaxing himself and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

When Don got back to the bed Dee sat up, pulled him close, and took his cock into her warm mouth for a brief but thorough sucking. With a grin she slid him out from between her lips, laid back in the center of the bed, and began masturbating freely, digging two fingers deep into her gooey cunt and spreading her inner labia to afford us a perfect view of her hard clit. Don stood beside the bed stroking his cock as I did my own and after a while he went to his bag of toys to get the trusty dildo he usually carries. He handed it to Dee and in a second it was deep in her slippery hole. Don and I resumed stroking our hard dicks while watching Dee fuck herself deep and bring herself to full climax with the pink toy pounding her snatch and a pair of fingers strumming her clitoris.

I hadn't realized where this all was leading till Don moved toward the head of the bed and asked Dee if she was ready. She opened her mouth through a smile and Don eased a knee up onto the bed and guided the tip of his cock to Dee's waiting tongue. "Here it comes!" Don announced. I watched him rub the underside of his glans across Dee's soft tongue and nearly trembled in awe as his warm semen gushed in thick jets onto and into my wife's eager mouth. When he finished unloading into Dee's face, Don kissed her deep and shared his own cum with her. Luckily there was still enough of his cum left around Dee's lips for me to enjoy a bit of oral creampie immediately afterwards.

Dee grabbed a sip or two of soda while I relinquished my tight grip on the camera and laid back to enjoy a delicious cock sucking and ball licking by my honey. Don picked up the picture taking where I left off and got some great shots of Dee lapping away, especially under my balls where I love to feel her tongue dancing. When I felt myself getting close to the point of no return I stopped Dee so I could cum in her pussy - my absolutely favorite place to squirt - and flooded her sweet hole after only a few strokes of my dick against the gripping walls of her amazing cunt as it worked its usual magic on me. After watching Dee in non-stop sucking and fucking action for close to two hours there's no way I'm even going to pretend that I can try to hold back.

We laid around chatting afterwards, until it was time for us to get dressed and head home, with Dee sandwiched between Don and me with our four hands stroking her smooth body all over and she in turn still fondling our cocks and balls. I know I was already thinking about the next time we'd share an evening with Don, and I'd venture to bet that Dee and Don were too.

Don's warm cum streams
into Dee's waiting mouth.
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GeorgeVanna said...

Thanks for another great description of great sex.

George and Vanna

Mac said...

Can it possibly get any better than thia?? I think not. Thanks Joe.

Mac said...

Oooops, I need to learn to spell "this"

RobbieG said...

Joe, You make us all want to have been there. Thanks for sharing!