Sunday, May 21, 2006

His Mail Made Her Cream

A big wet thanks to RobbieG over at Life, Sex and ... I Forget the Rest for his story, Room 402, which got Dee's pussy all puffy and creamy for me this morning. She woke me up by putting a finger thick with her pussy cream under my nose this morning, after reading Rob's story in an e-mail he'd sent to her. My nose wasn't quite awake enough for the task of smelling and when I told Dee that she slid her finger into my mouth. I was on my feet in a flash! I bolted to the bathroom for a quick leak and to wash my cock and balls and then joined Dee on the bed where she was already fully nude and waiting for me. After licking her with relish and then lying back to enjoy a vigorous cock sucking I filled Dee's wonderfully aroused pussy with what felt like an ocean of warm cum pouring out of me and into her. What an indescribably wonderful way to start a Sunday!

If you haven't seen Rob's blog yet, I suggest it as a most worthy addition to your reading list. He combines the usual eros and pathos, which so many of us weave, in a very personal and personable style that just as easily tugs at the heart strings as it often tugs on my zipper. If you're a cold, heartless, horny sonofabitch you can just skim Rob's writings to find the "good stuff," (There's a mighty tasty looking picture of his cock there too!), but if you're into the whole person when it comes to finding out what makes a blogger tick you'll find Rob's soul baring pieces equally stimulating, but in a different way.

Hey! Any guy who can get Dee's pussy puffed up and in a froth all ready for me to eat and fuck deserves a shameless plug!

Dee was nude on the bed and waiting to show me how
creamy Rob's story had gotten her this morning.
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RobbieG said...

Joe, Thanks for the shamless plug. The blog is mainly for me to express myself and what I'm feeling but it sure is rewarding to know that my words have had an effect on someone. I never expected this but I'm glad you were to benefit from it. Kiss Dee for me and tell her she has mail again.

Mac said...

Mercy!!! What a fantastically beautiful picture of Dee in a wonderfully aroused state. I do, on occassion, ready Robbie G's blog but as of right this minute I haven't read the story that got Dee to this degree of wetness. I wonder if I can stand it? Going to have to try. Joe, how lucky you were to have Dee wake you with something so appetizing to smell and eat. You are so lucky. Dee, you are sooooooo hot. Mac

GeorgeVanna said...

great story and photo