Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When You're in Love...

For most of my adult life my masturbation sessions included thoughts of M - our neighbor and my sister's best friend when I was growing up. She was my sex experimentation partner when we were both in our early teens, and thank my lucky stars, she was as eager to get naked or snake a hand down my pants as I was to whisk off her clothes to touch her whenever I had the opportunity. So often I shot a generous load while recalling the varied moments that M and I stole whenever we could - remembering all the times she made me squirt - thinking most often of the times when she'd get atop me in a sixty-nine and I'd cum deep in her mouth while digging my tongue deep into her cunt and kneading each of her firm, stiff nippled tits with my hands.

I sort of feel a little guilty these days because when my cock's in my hand (At least once a day besides whatever Dee and I and/or somebody else might do together.) I hardly ever have a passing thought of M any more. My thoughts are always of Dee - of Dee's sweet body - of Dee sucking a lover's cock with a deep hunger, of her cumming so hard and so often with his stiff dick plowing her gooey pussy or her tight little asshole with passion, of Dee drizzling a lover's cum from her mouth, her pussy, her ass while catching her breath only to start on him with her hands or mouth again a minute later. I can't begin to express how amazed I am by this woman to whom I'm so happily married - how incredulous it remains that after all those years of having no use for sex her libido now often trumps my own. What I feel in her pussy with my cock is fantastic, but what I see in her eyes when I'm inside her has a depth unlike anything else I've ever felt in my whole life. Indeed, she is my better half and when we're apart I feel like half a person.

M? Who's M?

Dee is all I need. She is all I've ever wanted and needed.

My thoughts are never far from Dee these days.
When we're apart, I truly pine to be with her.
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