Thursday, May 18, 2006

On Dee Being "Used"

Every now and then when Dee's feeling particularly naughty she'll talk in chat with Mike about being "used." When she's finished with the topic her pussy is incredibly wet and gooey and in need of a few really good, strong orgasms.

From last Sunday...

"He tells to that I am your sex slave for the day and you are to use me as you see fit."

"You and Joe have decided that more guys were needed to use me."

"Your friends are very excited at the prospect of fucking and using me."

When she first wrote something like that, it bothered me because I'd never seen being used as anything beyond something vular, base, demeaning - the total antithesis of what I want Dee to feel when she's making love with somebody. I came to understand it, though, in light of what she enjoys about any sexual experience with a partner beyond her own many orgasms, and in that way I find it especially exciting. She truly enjoys being a man's vessel of pleasure.

When Dee and a lover start to kiss the whole evening unfolds before me in those first few minutes even before their clothes start to come off. What an evening might have to offer by way of particulars in foreplay, positioning, and so on, pales by comparison to the overall tone and atmosphere in the room. Even on an off night when Dee's tired, sore, or stressed, she knocks herself out to give her partner(s) as much pleasure as she can deliver. And when she finally takes a man over the edge into climax, the look on her face is one of absolute and utter delight in that moment when she knows that he's using her - heart, body, and soul - and losing himself totally in the amazing sensations his cock and likewise his entire being is feeling when he's gushing his pleasure into her. That's the using that Dee writes about - when her own pleasure is on the sideline and her partner's is the focus of the action.

Thinking about that makes my cock throb - that Dee so much enjoys being the instrument of sexual delight for a man - her encouraging him to use her in whatever way he'd most like to in order to maximize his pleasure when he cums - seeing her time and time again grinning affectionately when a lover is emptying himself into her - enjoying the amazing completeness of their act when his final shudders have subsided and he pulls her close to feel her whole naked body pressed against his and he kisses her affectionately and appreciatively. It's a decidedly beautiful use of another person in my eyes, and in Dee's.

Arnie urges Dee's lips a little farther down his shaft.
Unless it would cause her pain or bad feelings,
Dee truly enjoys accommodating a partner
in any way he'd like to use her for his pleasure.

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RobbieG said...

Lovely way to look at this. I only wish I was there!

DelorumRex said...

cum see me somtime
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MikeCindynJoe said...


My Cindy too, as we have pursued the "hot wife" lifestyle, enjoys describing her more erotic encounters as "being used". This by no means alludes that she is a sub or helpless participant, rather, I take it to mean that she merely likes the man to assume the role of a man and provide her with what she describes as that "been done" feeling. Sore muscles and rug burns are often part of this feeling.

Knowing this, and grateful to provide her with at least as much pleasure that she delivers to us, Joe and I (and others) always strive to satisfy her and leave her with her desired, "been done" feeling.

Sounds like a small favor, doncha think?