Sunday, June 25, 2006


I've never really talked enough here about cunnilingus which is odd because it's one of my first and truest loves when it comes to enjoying quality time with a naked lady. On the nights when Dee's tired, and offers or asks for just a "quickie," I'm admittedly disappointed that I don't get to feast on her until she does the electric shuffle on my tongue that she usually does when somebody eats her to orgasm. I got my first taste of a woman when I was about 15. I remember panting uncontrollably as I took down M's pants and panties and moved my face into position for my first lick of her bare bottom. Panting! Literally! I don't pant as much these days, but I still get that same natural high some 30+ years later whenever I'm readying myself to feast on a lady's delicious folds, and that same amazing rush when all hell breaks loose and she cums on my face.

I love eating Dee. Even during the bad years, when sex was something for her on equal footing with doing the laundry, I often offered her a "freebie" which meant that I'd lick her to climax but wouldn't expect anything at all in return. It aroused me powerfully to see and feel her body betray itself and respond to my lingual ministrations (especially to her asshole) during that period when Dee hated sex. Though she hated it cerebrally, her body liked it and I'd drizzle a pint of precum through my throbbing cock while lying on my belly and lapping her to orgasm in spite of knowing that my dick wouldn't get to feel the warm, wet, velvetly walls of her pussy that my fingers were stroking as I licked away. Oh, don't get me wrong - it's even better to eat her now that she responds openly and unabashedly to a good tonguing, but even back in our "Dark Ages" it still fulfilled me remarkably to be able to make her cum with my mouth.

If you troll the sex ads online, you'll find many ads placed by guys offering to lick a woman, or to suck a man, without any kind of reciprocation expected. Though I've never placed an ad like that myself, I do understand the compelling desire to perform orally. When I met with Dave back in April and we knew up front that we'd only have about an hour to kill together I made it very clear that my focus would be on sucking him and making him cum. My own orgasm, if there'd be one, would be tangential. (Lucky for me, there was one. A really amazing one.) I don't think I ever had "The Hunger" as deep and as strong as I did in the days leading up to my meeting with Dave. I was at the point where I near begged him to clear his schedule that day so I could devour him.

When Dee and I got together with Bryan and Freda, (a young married couple who wanted to try some extramarital stuff with us), at their apartment and I started taking off Freda's clothes, my only desire was to make her cum on my tongue. I'd seen her in the nude before and we'd touched each other tentatively a bit when they came out to join us on an occasional date night with Don, but I'd never had the opportunity to bring her to climax then. Freda had been anxious about everything all along and never seemed certain as to where they should draw the line with interacting with us; I knew there was no chance that she would suck me or welcome me to fuck her. Nevertheless, I had a whopping desire to make the sweet girl cum. She almost seemed to be fighting the urge to give into the sensations when I started licking her tasty pussy, but as my passionate work between her creamy thighs progressed I felt her giving in little by little and moving her bottom against me in response. When my fingers found her G-spot and I felt it harden to my touch it was as if I'd flipped a switch; Freda finally gave up her last bit of anxious resistance, humped her beautiful everything against my face as I licked away, and then came on me in heaving spasms and mellifluous moans which delighted me to the core.

(Did I mention that Freda was in her late 20's to my mid 40's when we first met with her and Bryan? No, I'm sure I didn't. Though I really prefer an experienced woman who knows what she wants and isn't inhibited, I know Freda's tender age had something to do with my rabid desire to pleasure her. I'd simply never been with a woman that much younger than I am before so there was something about wanting to prove myself as an "old man" in making a young woman orgasm.)

Dee usually washes down there before we head to the bedroom, but now and then a spontaneous urge to go down on her will move me when she's already on the bed and ready to be tucked in for the night. For as often as she's warned, "I didn't wash," I've assured her that it doesn't matter because she has the most wonderful and natural pussy taste that I've ever sampled. In all our years together not once have I downed Dee's panties to find her less than totally lickable. Even during her period (TMI? Tough shit.) you can find me down there tonguing her to beat the band because I find her heady scent then to be powefully arousing. (Her willingness to hop on the sex bandwagon even during her period is another thing for me to remember when all those guys write to remind me of how lucky I am!)

By the way, an old dog can learn new tricks! Maybe a year ago or so I was licking Dee's vulva - after twenty years of doing so, mind you, and instead of sliding the usual finger then fingers up into her I snuck my fingers under my chin and started petting her crease from just under her clit to her 'taint - sort of pulling her labia on the downward stroke and just brushing lightly on the upward flourish. Dee started moaning and tightening her whole body more quickly than usual, and she came even more intensely than she typically does. She really loved it and told me that I'd better remember what I was doing. Believe me, I committed that little maneuver to memory as if I had the eidetic kind.

I want to taste M again before I go to my grave. I want to eat her pussy as an adult to make up for my adolescent fumblings with my tongue in her slit half a lifetime ago. I want to make her cum at least once as hard and as strong as she made me erupt so many times into her mouth without ever spilling one drop of my cum before I heard her gulp it all down.

I want to eat "New Girl" and make her head spin. I want to make her everything spin, and I'd like her to spin mine too. I want to munch on Office Girl as well but I think that she thinks that I think that she's out of my league, (the perpetual cheerleader to my perpetual band nerd), so I tease with her but never with any real hope of getting her out of her clothes.

I want to make love to AAG with my tongue. I'd like to sample all of the ladies over there in my sidebar.

If comic book girls could come to life, I'd love to eat out Betty and Veronica from Archie, Betty Rubble, (always much looser than Wilma next door), and the ultimate MILF - Dagwood's Blondie!

If I could go back in time, I'd want to nosh on Shirley and Laurie Partridge - alternatingly at the same time - Jan and Marcia Brady, Hayley Mills, a couple of those Sound of Music babes, and all of Charlies Angels ever. I'm sure I could think of many, many more, but I'll just frustrate myself further.

So many pussies. So few the opportunities.


Dee is ALWAYS fresh enough to be eaten silly.
When her panties come down my tongue is as
eager as my cock to touch her wet bottom.
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GeorgeVanna said...


You are right. Nothing like eating your wife to climax and then feeling the thicker juices on your tongue.

Desireous said...

I find it difficult to believe a guy who says he wants to lick me with no recipocation. My ex gave me that line just to get my pants off. Of course he had no idea how easy I was anyway. LOL I mean he could have just asked!


Anonymous said...

From what you write here it sure sounds like you are true artist in the bedroom when it comes to your tongue. I do enjoy hearing about any man that lusts after the feast of a good pussy.

I find it an honor to be on your sidebar.
I figure that means there's always a chance I'll dance with your tongue ;)

Suze said...

Joe, any time you are over in the UK just look me up. ;)

I can't understand a guy not wanting to go down on a woman. I've had the opportunity just a couple of times and I love eating pussy so I know exactly what you mean.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

George, I'd love to lick Vanna!

Des, you know I would. You better know I would!

Deb, my dance card is open.

Suze, good for you! I keep wanting Dee to try it because I think it's so much fun, but she can't get past the idea of it.

Mac said...

Darn Joe. I thought I was the only other male who loved going down on a woman that much. It is truly the most beautiful act there is as far as I'm concerned. I'm in total agreement with Suze. I can't understand a man not wanting to go down on a woman. I've yet to find an entree at any restaurant to be as delectable. My tongue hardens!!