Saturday, June 24, 2006

Are You Naked?

As if I don't have enough blogs that I like to read on a daily, regular, or sometime basis, I'm often compelled to click on sidebar links to new ones which promise to be sex blogs. Upon arrival, the first thing I generally do is scroll through an entire recent month's worth of posts to see if the blogger has any naked self shots. If he or she doesn't, I'm out of there unless something totally and noteworthily perverted just happens to catches my eye in the text. At the doctor's office, I look for women's magazines - the kind that feature ads for undies. I thumb through each one quickly, stopping to ponder the scantily clad babes, and then move on to the next. I never pretended to like Playboy for the articles. I like naked pictures. I need naked pictures. I don't much want to read about what's going on under your covers if I can't see your fun parts. In spite of the hundreds of thousands of sex pictures to be had on the 'net for the taking, the ones I really savor are the ones of you - the sex bloggers. If you're going to tell about what goes on under your sheets, how about those visual aids? Otherwise, it's like show and tell without the show. It doesn't have to wait till Thursday. It doesn't have to be only half.

Speaking of sidebars and links... How long is reasonable to give somebody who's AWOL to return before purging him or her from your list? I recently terminated "A View Thru Blue Eyes" and "Hotwife Eva" who hadn't posted anything in over a month nor offered any promise of coming back eventually. It's never without some degree of sadness that I relegate a former favorite to my "Blogs Defunctorum" folder where I keep the inactives for an occasional check until the blog is totally gone. It's like losing a friend - who moves away overnight - without saying goodbye - without leaving a forwarding address.

I'm turning into my dad. I watch too many reruns of cop shows on TV. I fall asleep halfway through one way too often. It's 8 PM. I wonder what's coming on?
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Rosie said...

You are refreshing in that you know EXACTLY what you like Joe. And certainly the title today is compelling; loved it.

Cheri said...

Okay, I am guilty as charged...a sex talking journal with no pix! But seeing your pix of Dee, I have considered it. The old-I don't have that body that I had when I was 20! I like your style and am intrigued by your pix!!

nx said...

Hello...visit my blog

Dee's Husband Joe said...

I'd have blown away nx's invitation there because his blog's all in German, but there are some amazing dick pics there worth seeing if you're so inclined.