Monday, June 19, 2006

The Eyes Have It

Some of the very best sex in my entire life took the form of being slowly and deliciously hand-jobbed by a nude, 19 year old Dee while a few of my fingers explored her sopping wet crease as she fed me the stiff nippled caps of her creamy bare breasts and told me all about her sexual past. It was transparently obvious that this young lady whom I'd known for only a few weeks totally enjoyed taking off all her clothes for guys and equally delighted in seeing their cocks rise in her honor. Dee became sexually active as a young teen, by the best of my recall when she was in the ninth grade with her first real boyfriend who had the distinct privilege of being the first to see her nude, to touch her sweet body, and to have his cock fondled by her small, inexperienced hands. Within three or four years Dee would have a number of boyfriends "under her belt" and would lie back with her legs eagerly raised to give to a much older married man the treasure of her virginity.

It was readily apparent to me during those early sexual experiences in our courtship how much Dee liked taking off her clothes for me and putting my horny cock through its paces, ultimately to make me squirt my testimony to how much she excited me. When I told her, still after only having known her for a few weeks, that someday I'd love to have some nude pictures of her to enjoy when I played with myself in her absence, she grinned, went to the closet of her dorm room, returned with her Polaroid camera which she handed to me, and then took to the floor to strike some steamy poses first clothed and then totally bare. How thrilled I was to have a girlfriend who so much enjoyed getting her clothes off, not only for the sexual play that would almost always follow, but simply for the sake of being seen by my appreciative eyes.

Long time readers of this rag know that for most of the years of our marriage, it wasn't like this - that for sixteen consecutive years, until things changed four years ago, Dee would try to avoid being seen nude by me lest it give me any ideas about initiating sex. How I missed seeing her naked casually and how I lamented the loss of that part of Dee which used to enjoy so much my near worship of her nude body. Now, I start many of my days by simply lying on the bed and watching Dee emerge from the shower, sometimes snapping pictures of her while she preens and dresses. There isn't time for sex on the typical work morning, but I love seeing her nude, and she enjoys the way I look at her, showing my adoration and lust nicely blended.

I can't begin to express the joy I feel in having Dee back - the way she was when we first met. She's back to being my college girl in regard to her clothes coming off. I see her face when a lover undresses her. I see her beaming when a man bares her breasts and she's looking at his face to drink in that little boy gleam of excitement he manifests when her pert nipples come into view. I watch her step back at times to peel down her skirt before her lover's admiring gaze, and I'm as captivated by the look of joy on her face as much as by the sight of her sweet buns sporting a thong.

I see that same smiling, grinning, excited face when Dee's before my lens and we're making pictures to be seen by her lovers or by the general internet public. Even in the moments when we're taking the shots of her bare form she's already enjoying the attention of the hundreds of guys who will write to her when they come upon her pictures online. It's too bad that she doesn't have the time to devote to responding at length and in a timely fashion to all the letters she gets because she truly enjoys being seen and appreciated by the guys (and occasional gal) who nicely express their thanks to her for sharing her nude charms so freely.

Some would say (and a few choice assholes have in no uncertain terms) that in middle age Dee's body isn't perfect enough to be shown off on the 'net. Sorry, but thousands of other guys and I disagree. To me in particular Dee's "imperfections" are precious. The signs of childbearing, the little scars picked up through the years - these are signs of things we lived through together - testimonies to the many years we've shared as husband and wife. I'm convinced that if we live through much of old age together there will never be a moment when Dee will take off her clothes and I won't see her through the same adoring and aroused eyes with which I saw her when we were kids and I saw her bare for the very first time. I love how she looks. And I love how much she loves being looked at by me, by her lovers, and by her online audience.

Dee tosses her bra aside after baring her breasts
to my hungry gaze. Though I've seen her nude
thousands of times my eyes will never tire of
seeing her with her clothes off.
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MrManicDepressive said...

Anyone who tells you that Dee's not sexy or beautiful enough for the 'net is either very stupid or still lives at home with his mommy and gets his idea of perfection from a magazine. She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing her with us. I, for one, appreciate it big time and, can tell you from experience, that women only get sexier with age. Rock on you two! :D

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Dee is gorgeous and so is your love for her.

RobbieG said...

I can't get enough of looking at her either.

TheChief said...

I am one of the few who really enjoys looking at Dee, Dee and you together, or Dee and one of her beaus together. Sometimes I fantasize about being on of those beaus... taking applications?

Romantic Perv said...

I totally agree that those imperfections add to the beauty. I find it is a shame that the media still tries to cram it into us that reed thin, unblemished skin, super models are the true beauties.

Give me a real woman that is comfortable with her self over a magazine cover-girl anyday! Sexy as always Dee.


Fat Controller said...

Dee has a beautiful body. I hope you do more than just watch her come out of the shower. I hope you throw your arms around that gorgeous wet body and hold her close, you lucky guy!

Cheri said...

Glad I got to stop by!! A woman is like a glass of fine wine....better with age. Gravity and having children certainly have its affects but a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality-takes the cake (and knows what to do with the cock!!) Dee looks great!!Great blog!