Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oral Meanderings

I'm coming awake in the mornings lately with my cock superbly stiff and throbbing, and as soon as consciousness creeps into my brain I'm thinking about somebody else's dick - hard and alive in my mouth. The thoughts call to me and compel me, and make me wish more than ever before that I had a bi buddy around the corner with whom I could regularly exercise my bisexual desires orally.

I used to think that way about pussy, and still do from time to time. I recall vividly how often and how much I wanted to take down M's pants to lick her slit. Whenever we played together on Sunday afternoons it was never thinking about her sucking my dick or spreading her legs to receive it that entertained me all day until we had the opportunity to relieve each other of our clothing. My anticipatory thoughts always centered around putting my face between her thighs to drink in the rich aroma of her young womanhood and to tongue her delicious vulva. Even though we usually sixty-nined each other most often, I always started our play with her lying back and me eating her before switching to me on my back with her atop me. The wildest time, I think, was when I ate her in the bathroom for a quickie that she asked for with her standing, me kneeling, and my eyes feasting on the sight of her naked tits swaying above me while I lapped her passionately.

The very first sexual thing I did to Dee other than the usual make-out maneuvers in the car was to slide off her pants and panties and lick her gooey bottom to climax. This was the same evening I wrote about here a long time ago when we were necking and petting in the car and she guided my fingers to the crotch of her Jeans, pressed my fingertips to the denim, and hissed, "See how wet you made me!"

I guess I'm just an oral kind of guy. In all of our sharing Dee experiences, aside from the obvious pleasure of seeing Dee in sexual heaven for hours on end, it's being able to satisfy my own oral cravings that I most appreciate. From licking other womens' pussies to feasting on hard cocks - all with my wife either watching or helping - it's a married, oral freak's wonderland.

Happy Father's day to any of the dads who might be reading here today. Being a daddy was one of my life's biggest dreams. Though I think I've failed at it more than being able to celebrate any real, particular successes, I'm glad we have the kids we do. In a day and age when most kids are totally and absolutely into themselves, I'm truly proud of how our children go out of their way much of the time to do good for others. I'd claim some credit for that if I were dishonest with myself, but in truth I know they're that way because of their mother.

I laughed yesterday when I got a note in the mail from somebody bemoaning that I've not posted any sex pics in the past few days. Sheesh! If the mails suck this bad for a sex blog what might they be like for the average blogger who writes about nothing but the totally mundane? Actually, there might be more encouraging participation in the form of feedback if someone were writing about something like golf or their favorite football team because it seems that the folks who come online mostly to look for sex stuff are the stingiest folks on the planet when it comes to giving a pat on the back or an "Attaboy!"

Can I say again without totally boring you what a pleasure it is to be writing this by my bistro table in the yard? Sometimes this little piece of the planet feels more like church than church itself does. Amen.

I snapped this picture using Dee's Polaroid camera within
a few weeks of my first taste of her pussy. She's every
bit as delicious today as she was then. Maybe even better!
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GeorgeVanna said...

dee looks terrific. not much change.


Mac said...

I'm sure she still tastes heavenly. Also, there is no doubt that her pussy is still every bit as beautiful to look at today as it was then.

Romantic Perv said...

Recently just found your site, and wanted to tell you that I find you somewhat of a kindred spirit in that I am equally orally fixated. Also figured that I ought to toss an Attaboy your way too.