Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hand it Over!

I can't really remember my last hand job to orgasm administered by a woman, but thoughts and pictures of a lady stroking a man to ejaculatory bliss with her hand still enthrall me. The first climax of my life which wasn't self-administered was received at the hand of M, my sister's best friend of whom I've written here in the past. She was about 15 then to my 16. She was fully nude, sat astride my belly so I could reach around and knead her tits, and gave me a double fisted, hum dinger of a stroking till I squirted like a cannon. She exclaimed, "Horray for Joe!" at the moment that my cock started pumping out the goo. An odd thing to say, I thought, but unforgettable. My first orgasm with Dee was from a hand job too - on the bed of her dorm room while she was telling me about the sex she'd had with other guys.

It's unfortunate that I've numbed my cock from too much jerking off because it's almost impossible for me to go over the top from slow, prolonged hand play. In spite of how great it feels to squirt in Dee's warm, welcoming pussy, there are nights when I'd just like to lie back, maybe pop in a video of Dee fucking somebody, and be serviced with a slow, teasing hand job. I need a heavy touch and a brisk stroke when it's time to go over the top and I miss the ability to take it slowly to goo gushing completion.

For the record, I enjoyed my last hand job to orgasm back in April at the motel with Dave and it was fast and furious, but fabulous. He was atop me in a sixty-nine and I had his entire cock in my mouth when he took me out of his own mouth and started jerking me like a runaway locomotive. I tried to resist the urge to cum because it felt so damned delicious and I wanted to prolong it, but as the tingle built I felt the long muscles in my thighs tightening and raising my ass off the bed, and I knew I was a goner. My hands were on Dave's ass cheeks trying to pull him even deeper into my mouth (though I had him ALL the way in already) when I felt the first volley of scalding cum erupt from my dick. His hand went on, like a well oiled machine, pistoning blast after blast of semen out of me till I was totally drained. It definitely ranked right up there with the best hand jobs of my life, but still I'd like one of those long, slow, oiled fist kinds of strokings that takes forever but is SO worth it when it's time for the cum to fly.

One of my favorite hand job pics of all time - Mike just on
the verge of climax with Dee's hand providing the
stimulation. The two of them were in the back of Dee's
car fingering each other to orgasm while I was driving.
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RobbieG said...

There is something that you might enjoy over at my blog. I hope you like it.

ArkayToday said...

Great Blog. I do wish Mrs. Arkay were as openminded as Dee is.