Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Little English and Fun Pics

"...I realised I could never date a man who omitted the use of capitals and punctuation in his emails and texts..."
--Quoted from Girl with a One Track Mind

Good for you, girl! I couldn't agree with you more completely. I'm not truly an intellectual snob though I might be thought of that way in some circles. To me, the correct use of English is more about respect than anything else. It's about respecting the recipient of the piece of writing sufficiently to hold down that shift key while typing the initial letter in a sentence and to execute that extra keystroke to punctuate it at the end. If a guy can't give that much to Dee, I have no reason to believe that he'll be any more considerate of her in bed. If a man won't respect the simple rules of written communication, I don't feel he'll necessarily honor whatever rules we might establish regarding sharing Dee with him. Thus, anybody who writes like he didn't make it past the third grade doesn't stand a chance with us. I make no apologies for that. Correct writing is simply one of our various criteria when it comes to selecting a potential bed mate.

And now a little something for the nearly defunct CockBloggingWednesday. I guess I'm fairly alone in thinking it a good idea to showcase one's genitalia once a week or so. Half Nekkid Thursday gets so much more participation, yet it's so innocuous. Why is it that some of the most deliciously explicit sex bloggers are seemingly ridiculously timid when it comes to showing off their fun parts and think it so cute to display the back of a knee or something? (You know who you are!) Okay, so you might've shown us your cock or pussy once upon a time, but have we seen it from every conceivable angle? In varying degrees of arousal? Dripping your cream? Have we seen the view of your turgid sex flesh that screams, "Taste me!" or "Take me!" Or, have we just seen only that one little glimpse, if that, to hold us over as we wait with bated breath for another Thursday to roll around in hopes of seeing more of you?

That hand went right back to stroking the
second after this shot was in the camera.
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