Thursday, June 08, 2006

Date Night Morning Once Again

I've only been awake for about ten minutes and I'm already hard and throbbing. In fact, I came awake three quarters erect and just got stiffer from there. Consciousness didn't dawn on me slowly this morning. All of a sudden I was WIDE awake, as I often am on the morning of a date night with one of Dee's lovers, and immediately visions of Dee and Don were dancing through my brain which leapt from one hot scenario to the next as my gray matter played out a good variety of potential, scorching moments that I might witness in the flesh later today.

The ache that I'm feeling in my cock and balls even as I key these words will be here all day as my mind drifts (too easily) from my work, back to considering which of the many combinations and permutations of excited male and female body parts might actually be played out this evening. Thank heaven that my work doesn't require the constant attention of somebody like that guy at the nuclear power plant who eats doughnuts and watches the important meters or one day we might all be glowing chartreuse. (And then my brain imagined a chartreuse cock approaching Dee's wet slit. Ewwwwww!)

I truly enjoy just about everything on a day like this, starting with the hot thoughts and this low tingle between my legs that will just keep building throughout the day. After work I'll soak in a hot tub and touch up the shave from my belly button to my anus, trying my best not to play with my cock too much and to give it only some well placed strokes on the underside of my shaft with a single fingertip. When I finally get around to undressing myself at the motel, most likely after Dee and Don are already nude and engaged in pleasuring each other, I'll strip down to my light gray boxers and leave them on for a while. There are two things I enjoy about keeping them - the sensation of the fabric against my rock hard dick, and seeing my precum seep through the knit to form a large dark spot.

Alas, the time has come to shower and get ready for work. And now I have somewhere handy to hang my wet towel when I'm brushing my teeth. I might post more of my wicked thoughts after work because I don't see this excited mood abating in the least.

I did rush upstairs to snap some pics of Dee before
posting and this is fresh from the camera. The
next time I see Dee's stiff nipple it'll
be between Don's fingertips or lips.
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