Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Breaking Bread? We'll See...

Yesterday Dee wrote the following to Don.

I think Dan needs time to adjust. He knows that we play, he knows he is welcome to join in. As he wants more information, I am sure he will ask. I don't really think anything will happen, and that will be okay as well. He did say he never has participated in anything of the sort and I doubt if he has ever had sex with a woman other than his wife. At this point, I think the next move is his; I do not plan to mention it again unless he brings it up. It would be fun to be with him as he is a really nice guy, but I don't want to be pushy either.

I guess most of the wind has blown out of my Dan sails for now. I sent him a wish for a happy birthday over the weekend which I thought would be a nice way of sort of breaking the ice with him, but I got no acknowledgement back which I'm seeing as a snub. I know he had to have seen the mail because he replied to a mail that Dee had sent him subsequent to mine. Dee asked me to join her for lunch today and during their morning break she'll see if Dan's amenable to joining us. If he isn't, I don't see this going anywhere near a bedroom any time soon. Check back for an update later today if you're interested. If there's anything more worth telling I'll post it lower in this same entry.

In the mean time, I'll concentrate my mental energies on thinking about our seeing Don tomorrow which is always a guaranteed great time. We're only a few short weeks away of celebrating our fourth anniversary of sharing Dee (The reality, not the blog.) and it was Don who initiated Dee into enjoying the manifold pleasures of extramarital sex. This will be Dee's and Don's 121st time together (Not that I keep track or anything. LOL!) and I'll be as happy to see her melt into his arms as I was on that first night when she whisked off her panties to join him on the bed with her face flushed and her heart pounding. She was so cute that first night she met him. I asked her on the way home at what point she knew for certain that she wanted to go to bed with him. She cooed, "As soon as I saw him get out of his car." It was pretty much established before we got back to the house that we'd be seeing him again, and again, and again. He still makes Dee swoon and go weak in the knees, so I need to get my perspective back. Maybe Dan would be a nice addition to what we have - but he's by no means a necessary one.

This caught my eye over breakfast today in the advice column of the local paper. The guy's wife has a simple request and he wants no part of it so he's asking these two PTA mom type advice slingers what to do. Their recommendation - the only answer they ever seem to have regarding marital problems: counseling. The poor lady doesn't want an hour with a shrink; she wants to get fucked by another guy while her husband fucks her lover's wife. My recommendation - Suck it up and give your wife her fantasy, jerk. Thousands of guys would give their left nuts to be in your shoes. (I know. They've all written to me I think.)

For the record, I am NOT following any links from anybody else's blog from this minute forward unless they're links to other Blogger blogs, and even then I'll do so with a grain of salt. I'm tired of taking a poll and getting an ad in my face for a "free" iPod, clicking on a piece of pretty bling and getting a pop-up advertising a new car, and the like. I think you should caution people when you're sending them to a pop-up site, and if you're running a pop-up blocker, well then disable it and check the links you're recommending before sending us there.

Well, I had lunch with Dee, but ol' Dan begged off to go pay bills or something. If he wants to get the ball rolling into bed with Dee after this, he'll have a few hoops to jump through with me first.
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RobbieG said...

Joe, Just my two cents. Dan may have been secretly desiring Dee but thinking it was just a fantasy that would never come to pass. Even if the option was there (and I wouldn't agree to it myself either) for them to get together alone, he may have balked. Sometimes fantasy is more real than reality. He may feel that he is inadequate because she has had a few lovers with your blessings. There may also be the guilt factor of cheating on his wife. There are many possibilities here including erectile problems. But all that doesn't matter. It's his choice. I hope that he does decide to be with you two as I want to be with Dee and you myself, but that is unlikely too. His desire for Dee may have melted into shock that this housewife was a hot wife in disguise. Give him time and maybe he will. If not, I'm sure you two will have many happy sexual times with others, new or old.

Sexy Duet said...

Sorry to hear things havent progressed with Dan. It sounds like this whole scenario is quite new to him and he still may be dealing mentally with what he has been offered. Maybe in time he will come around.

Mac said...

For the present, I think Dan just may be a lost cause. I'm trying to understand why he doesn't jump at the chance. Robbieg makes some good points as to why he may be hesitant. However, the voyeur in me would find it terribly hard to at least not enjoy the visual aspect of watching Dee and a lover even if I didn't actually participate. I just do not believe I could turn down an invitation from her. I couldn't resist a woman like Dee.