Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bits & Pieces & A Lot of Fun Later

Well, piss on Dan! I made the 20 mile drive yesterday hoping to have lunch with him and Dee and he was a no-show. Not that I was terribly surprised. I sat there in the mall proper, waiting for them to appear through the door to their workplace and I felt like a contestant on some kind of game show hoping in my gut that I'd win, but pretending on the outside that it really didn't matter and concentrating on how not to appear devastated if I lost. Dan told Dee that he had to go pay bills during the lunch half hour. Okay, maybe he did, but I think he could have taken a minute or two to greet me since he knew I was coming up. If we end up in bed with him at some point it's not going to be because I'll be knocking myself out for it to happen. I'll be initiating no more opportunities for him to diss me.

A few weeks ago I wrote to Dave, the guy I met with the day after Easter for my first solo M/M experience in ages, to tell him that my work schedule had eased up and that I'd be able to get out occasionally during the afternoons if he'd like to get together to play. I was starting to lose hope when I got a letter from him yesterday telling me that he'd been on vacation with his family and that he'd love to play together again. We're working on a where and when and I have to admit that I'm quite excited in looking forward to sucking him again.

Gary will be in for a visit early next week and as always it'll be great to see him. Hopefully we'll be able to work in a lunch or dinner together in between his seeing his brother and visiting the bi lover he has here in town. It's good to have friends who are as crazy as I am!

This evening when Don, Dee, and I will be at the motel together I'm scheduled to receive a call from an online friend. It'll be the first time I'll get to hear her voice and I'm excited. It really doesn't take a lot to make me happy - just an occasional warm fuzzy and a steady diet of engorged, aroused sex flesh to lick and suck.

Dee went off to work this morning sporting white cotton panties under her skirt. On a day when I know that we'll be seeing one of her lovers I find the sight of those demure panties on her body to be powerfully arousing because I know in contrast how damned hot her bare bottom is going to be later when I'm watching his excited cock making her nearly delirious with pleasure.

My dick is like a prairie dog down there today, continually peeking up out of its burrow in my boxers and taking a look around for something fun to play with it. Down, boy! Later!

When these white cottons come off, Dee's fun parts
will be in for quite a workout with Don's hard cock as
the main course of her pleasure this evening.
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Naughty K said...

Happy HNT sweety... pet that prairie dog for me and keep him happy.

Cheri said...

I'm sure your disappointed with Dan not showing up BUT if you are right--he might have never even cheated on his wife so this would be a HUGE leap. I know you and Dee are always together on your evenings but maybe take baby steps. Dee with him alone and work your way up. Just a thought...XOXOXO

PS Can't wait to hear about your meeting with Don

Desireous said...

Ahhh, well you win some you lose some eh? Life goes on there's always more where he came from.

I'm still trying to guess who that anonymous blogger is that you'll be hearing from. I have my guesses of course!


Mac said...

I LOVE this picture of Dee!!