Monday, July 03, 2006

Cum, and a Beer

From Dee's chat with Mike yesterday morning...

Dee: I want you to cum- to start your day off right
MikeP: mmmm I wish I could cum in you but this is fun too.
Dee: mmm
Dee: think about fucking me
Dee: my wet pussy squeezing your cock
MikeP: mmmm right there on the floor
Dee: mmm
Dee: fuck me hard
MikeP: mmmm getting close
Dee: mmm
Dee: tease your balls
MikeP: mmmm whatever you want sexy lady
Dee: think about J licking them as you plunge your cock into me
MikeP: do you want my cock?
Dee: yes!
MikeP: mmmmm so close babe
Dee: good
Dee: stroke harder
Dee: fuck me deep
MikeP: mmmmmm cummmm
Dee: keep stroking
Dee: I want more.
MikeP: mmmmm so much cum just for you.
Dee: more

That "demand" for more is part of what keeps our evenings of love making with Dee's guys fresh and exciting. It's funny in the wry sense that Dee often "complains" that she has to push our faces away from her pussy when she's had enough and her clit gets too sensitive because she's never one to give up a spurting cock until she's sure that she's drained every drop of cum out of it. Dee seems to measure our pleasure by the amount of semen she can get us to express - certainly not a bad yardstick when you're on the receiving end of her eager ministrations. There are times when I want to keep going with hands or mouth to make one of the guys cum, but I always stop short and offer the hard cock to Dee because I know how happy it makes her to bring us each to a long, gushing climax.

More? You bet, babe! Cummin' right up!

If Dan doesn't call off "sick" today, it'll likely be a pivotal day in terms of him possibly making love with Dee. There's too much up in the air for them not to talk about it if they find the time, and if they don't have the time during the work day I encouraged Dee to go with him for a beer after work so they can talk things out though she was undecided about doing that. His mail over the weekend about not being able to join us for lunch today admittedly took some of the wind out of my sails, but that's okay because I was starting to obsess over it (Gee, ya think?) and I was making it more important in my head than it is. I have to keep reminding myself that it's something I want - not something I need. Dee's much better at keeping things in perspective than I am. She'd like to take Dan to bed, but she's not near climbing out of her skin for it to happen like I'd been. Maybe one of these days I'll learn to enjoy things in moderation.

Afternoon Update!

Dee talked to Dan today. Seems he really did have something that he needed to do at lunch time and it wasn't a case of "Whoa, girl!" that caused him not to meet with us for lunch. Our hopes of having him make love with Dee are still on track!

Will Dee and Dan plan a love making
date over a beer today? I wish I knew!
(Update: No beer today, but he's still
interested in making love with her!)

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1 comment:

MikeCindynJoe said...

I agree with the "back off a bit" strategy. Doing someone else's wife can be quite a leap, especially for one who hasn't done it before, but doing someone else's wife while her husband WATCHES is rather different (Well... maybe for some, lol).

Don't forget, Dan also has TWO issues to deal with; making it with Dee (enticing and exciting) and cheating on his wife (potentially expensive and perhaps even fatal) lol

Give him some time. Right now he's thinking with the big head. Let Dee work on him one-on-one and he'll soon be thinking with the smaller one.