Sunday, July 02, 2006

Then, Just as We Were Moving Along Nicely...

So, we have a setback and we're hoping it's a minor one. Dee wrote to Dan after work on Friday that I'll be joining them for lunch on Monday. He wrote back that he can't make it. Odd, because they eat together just about every day.

This has us worried that perhaps he's getting cold feet. Dee's concerned that she might have ruined the friendship by "propositioning" him too boldly. Sorry, but he started it. There's no way in hell that I'll ever be convinced that when a married guy asks a married lady to accompany him on an errand at lunch time it's strictly as "innocent friends." We're both concerned in thinking that perhaps he wants Dee, but without me in the picture which wouldn't be unlikely because how many guys in real life (as opposed to the horny guys on the seedy side of cyberspace) fantasize about fucking a coworker while her husband watches them go at it? I know that Dee won't do anything with him without me, but I sure wouldn't want him badgering her about it. Maybe it's all just taking him longer than we'd hoped to digest.

A number of you have suggested that since the seed's been planted he has no choice but to keep pondering it because his attraction to Dee, and now his added lust, aren't going to disappear. We'll wait patiently (Well, Dee will wait patiently. I'll be chomping at the bit because it's my usual way.) in hopes of his coming around. He did leave off in their conversation last week by telling her that they'll need to talk more about it. Maybe he just needs that. I'll keep you posted!

Will Dan eventually come to know the full
and beautiful bouquet of Dee's friendship?
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Rosie said...

Careful here. Dan getting cold feet and probably worried a bit because of contemplation something that seems so different. Think fish - let him out and then pull back in.

Sexy Duet said...

I would say that Dan probably just needs some time to get his head around what Dee has suggested. After all, what guy could resist her.

Desireous said...

Yes I would agree with SD I think he probably just needs to let it sink in and get used to the idea. Some people will be very receptive to such an idea and others need time to warm up to it then there are always those that are opposed but it really doesn't sound like that is the case there.

PS kind of funny the word verification says Jisshy maybe that's a sign. :-)

Mac said...

Can't touch this one Joe. I just don't know. Give him some time, I suspect. Oh I wish it was me!!!