Thursday, July 13, 2006

Early Isn't Necessarily Premature

When it comes (Cums?) to ejaculating, "premature" is most decidedly a relative term. Premature as opposed to "right on schedule?" And how would that right on schedule be determined? By the man, it would seem when his dick can't stand another stroke without spraying, that's the time to let the goo fly and the timing couldn't be argued as anything less than perfect from a strictly physical standpoint. (It's only when he brings thought into the picture that he might start beating himself up about cumming too soon.) By the woman, I don't know. When's the right time, from a woman's viewpoint, for her partner to ejaculate? Only after she's climaxed? How many times? Not until she's had her fill and is ready to pass out or roll over and go to sleep?

One of the things I really love about Dee's expression of her sexuality is that she's always happy to make a lover cum whenever he's ready to squirt. When he wants to cum - that's always the perfect time for her, and whether his cock has given her six heel kicking orgasms or none at all she beams just as brightly when she's making her guy spill up inside her and squeezes his dick on the inside with her amazing pussy to ensure that he feels the most pleasure she can deliver. She's truly happy in being the focus and the source of a man's pleasure when he's cumming, not on her "terms," but whenever he feels like going for the gold.

I tend to think that "premature" ejaculation only happens when a couple's time in bed together is only about the sex. It never is for us - not when we're together at home, even if we're just enjoying an afternoon quickie if the kids step out, and not when we're at the motel with one or more of our bed buddies. It's about the friendship, the bonding, the blabbing about anything and everything going on in the ordinariness of our daily lives. It's about making each other and our friends feel special, and cared for, and uniquely important. Something as inconsequential as how long a guy can keep his cock hard to keep plowing Dee with it just isn't a consideration at all for any of us.

Recently I was looking through some of last summer's picture sets and spent some quality time with my pants around my ankles here in the old computer chair while reliving the memories that the various shots brought back to me. We met with Jason last year right about this time and I remembered how fantastically excited he was finally to be with Dee after writing to her for weeks and seeing her do with other men in pictures what he was about to do with her in the flesh. They kissed and fondled each other for a little while. Dee sucked his cock and licked his balls till he was rock hard, and then he ate her to climax. When they came back together side by side, nose to nose on the bed to kiss some more Dee was stroking his dick casually and I was surprised when he said, "I'm not going to last much longer. Where would you like me to cum?" As if rehearsed, Dee rolled onto her back and raised her legs, and I gestured to her dripping pussy and said, "How about here?" through a big smile.

Jason aligned the tip of his cock with the dimple of Dee's opening and then leaned over her to kiss her while he slid up inside her. He broke their kiss in a huge sigh of pleasure as he started rolling his hips and moving his dick around in her pussy. He tried pumping her with slow, shallow strokes to prolong the sensations of Dee's snug warmth wrapped around his excited flesh, but after only a few short thrusts Jason tightened his ass cheeks and jammed the full length of his cock into her, and it was only a few seconds later that I saw Jason's fresh, warm cream start to pour from the bottom of Dee's hole. As Jason's cock continued to pump into Dee, and more and more of his cum drizzled from where they were joined together, I knew that Dee wasn't disappointed in the least that he came so soon after entering her. She was happy to make him cum and felt good in knowing that she excited him so much that he couldn't hold it back. I felt the same way in having a wife who aroused her lover so quickly that his need to cum was too urgent to "control." Early? Yes. Premature? Not at all.

Jason hung around for most of the rest of the evening and had fun watching Mike and me make love with Dee. At some point Dee gestured for him to put his cock into her mouth and worked on getting him good and hard again. (I helped her for a while too. Yummy!) When he was rock solid Dee got on all fours for him to enter her from behind and she was so aroused that she started shuddering in climax after only a few full thrusts of his cock. (Would anybody ever think to call a woman's rapid orgasmic response during intercourse premature? Hardly!) Jason gave her a fantastically long, hard, deep doggie style fucking and returned to Dee in spades the pleasure she had given to him earlier.

Sex is better - best when nobody's keeping score. When everybody's as eager to give as to receive pleasure. When it's part of an overall desire to make another person feel good.

Now before you jump on me, ladies, and not in a good way, I'm not defending those assholes who fuck you full of spunk and then kiss you goodnight to leave you hanging high and dry. I'm just saying that in a naked, fun setting the length of the fuse on your guy's dick isn't everything. Of course having a few other guys on hand just in case you need a little more of the cock doesn't hurt. was only a few seconds later that
I saw Jason's fresh, warm cream start to
pour from the bottom of Dee's hole.
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Rosie said...

So you advocate a woman having a guy... and a spare... or two. Sounds good.