Friday, July 14, 2006

An Anniversary, A New Blog, and We're All Geniuses!

I was browsing through some text files and old e-mails yesterday because it was right around this time of year, four years ago, that Dee went from sharing "dirty" e-mails with my alter ego to going to bed with Don for the first time - all within the space of about two weeks. I found in my hard drive travels the letter I sent to Don to invite him to start the ball rolling with Dee, and discovered that today is the anniversary of the day on which I sent it. This is it, folks... The letter that started it all...

Hey, Don! I hope you're doing well there.

I have a long story... if you don't have time, come back to it sometime, please.

I don't remember if I mentioned it when we talked last, but about six weeks ago I created an alter ego and began writing e-mails to my wife as him. My motive was that if she were to find out about me having online friends, she might be more understanding if she had a friend of her own. Dee began writing back to "him" hesitantly at first. A few weeks ago she went to the doctor's. In talking with him, he suggested that she might be suffering from a mild depression and gave her some samples of an antidepressant. After that her mails to "him" paralleled what's been going on here since she started taking the pills. She's been all over me in bed like white on rice and doing things we've NEVER done before almost every night. The mails got steamy. VERY steamy.

Last night she took me downstairs and "confessed" that she'd been writing things to this guy and showed me everything "he" had written to her. I pulled the best acting job of my life, feigning disbelief and great excitement. She had said at one point that she'd love to hear the sound of his voice. And when I asked if she thought she'd like to "be with him" she almost swooned. So, having wedged myself between a rock and a hard place I had to pull the plug and admit to her that he and I were one and the same because if push came to shove there was no way that I could deliver this guy to her. I thought she'd hate me forever and never trust me again. Instead she thought it was just about the sweetest thing I'd ever done because of the excitement she felt in it.

Last night and again tonight in bed I said things to her like, "Imagine me sitting there in the chair while you're feeling somebody else doing this to you." She took the bull by the horns, saying things in return like, "Imagine licking me like that with somebody else's cock sliding in and out of me." Damn near knocked me over. I told her that I'd like to find her another guy to talk to in the mails like she had been doing with my alter ego and asked for her assent for me to post some pictures of her nude on the net to find her a pen-pal who could possibly become a lover. She agreed!

Here's the bottom line. If she's willing to go through with it, I can't think a better partner for her than you. It would cost you some time in exchanging some mails with her, letting her get to know you a little, and building up her desire to consider meeting. They'd have to be not strictly sexual in tone all the time 'cause I know she'd need to feel a connection before considering taking it to the next level.

If you're willing to write to her, I'm all for it. Let me know, I'll send you some of the pictures I plan to post, and you can take it from there. Of course she can't know that we know each other. Drop me a line when you can.


Yeah, I was a little devious at times, but it got us to a wonderful place.

I don't usually give shameless plugs to new blogs but I'm making an exception today for Mike who's busy getting "Shared Cindy" off the ground. It will chronicle the adventures of Mike, his wife Cindy, and Joe - their significant other, as they share Cindy with other men and women. Bookmark them now because I'm sure there will be a lot worth reading and seeing in the days ahead.

And since we're already talking about a number of geniuses involved in swinging, it would appear that we're in some pretty good company.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

Well, I don't know if it's a "shameless" plug or not, but it is certainly well-intentioned and very nice of you, thanks. Now, all I have to do is try to live up to your fanfare!