Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Makes My Blood Boil

Dee's doing just fine. Thanks for the many well wishes received via e-mail in the past few days.

I was catching up on a few of my daily blog readings and came across AAG's plea for folks who disagree with the decision she's working on making to let her have it with both barrels blazing. I was curious as to whether or not anybody crucified her in the comments, but I never went far enough down the column to see because the third comment made my blood boil. Written by that grand genius who often comments on what we write, "Anonymous," the comment seeks to dehumanize all of us who write and read the blogs:

Fuck you, Anonymous! Whether we're gathered in stadia, bars, public squares, or in this electronic forum called the Internet, we're persons. We're human. We're no less capable of expressing ourselves viably here than anywhere else. Sure, many of us hide in an online persona (Maybe even in a few.) or the less clever simply take on the masque of the ever ubiquitous "Anonymous," but we and our interactions with others here are no less worthy or deserving of respect. We gather here in very real relationships as friends, acquaintances, fellow pilgrims on life's journey in this relatively new medium. Our choice of the Internet as our gathering place, even our war zone, doesn't invalidate the realness of what we think, feel, and express here.

For centuries anyone with a printing press could shove his opinion down our collective throats in the form of the editorial or yellowed "news" crafted to present the writer's feelings as gospel truths. For nearly a full century anyone rich enough to own a broadcast medium could do the same. And there we sat in our living rooms, reading those papers, and listening to the hired mouths of the network and station owners pounding their own beliefs into our heads as pretend facts. We planned and lived our lives around what they said at times. We discussed what they told us on our front porches and in our workplaces. And nobody was smart enough then, when we couldn't talk back to the demigods of the contrived public sentiment, to say, "No point. It's only the newspaper; it's only the radio; it's only the television."

The Internet gives us the ability to talk back. To disagree. To flail and hammer at the idiocy with which we take exception just as I'm doing now to this piece of shit's attempt to invalidate us as readers, writers, friends and neighbors because our medium of choice - the common man's soapbox and meeting hall - is the Internet. The 'net gives us all a printing press to level the playing field of opinion and it makes us infinitely smarter than our forebears who in their simple naivete gave us the thumping finger on a column of newsprint accompanied by the immortal and sage, "It says so right here in black and white," as the yardstick of fact.

Is the 'net supposed to be an impotent medium because when we're done fighting all we have to do is shut down our PCs? Because nobody gets bloodied? Because nobody dies? Maybe when we can fight our wars on the 'net instead of with the blood of our children we'll finally have arrived at civilization. No point? I don't think so. I think we've evolved a notch in fighting here instead of by bloodying our knuckles and each other's eyes. Up your ass, Anonymous!
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Just gotta laugh that crap off, Joe dear. I did. What's really funny is that Mr. Anonymous said there was no point in commenting...and yet, he commented! HA! How droll!

Yeah, I didn't get crucified but there's a lot there to think about. I'm feeling pretty somber.

So glad to know that Dee is doing well.


Sweet Distraction said...

Thank you... that drive me crazy when I saw it a few minutes ago.

Desireous said...

Oh you tell em Joe!!!

Glad to hear Dee's doing well.