Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bone Dry

Perhaps more than at any other time since I started this rag, I'm at a loss for words. I've been wanting to write. Something big, profound - hell, at least worth reading. The more I want to write, it seems the fewer the seeds of any ideas are. My Muse is pissed at me it would seem. I'm here. I'm trying. But, I'm dry.

One of those pics that's supposed to
be worth 1,000 words standing in
place of the words I might've written
if only I were sufficiently inspired.
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Dirty Debbie said...

Hey, you know it happens to the best of us, both the writer's block and the partner, shall we say, not quite on the same wave length.

Things will straighten out (if you'll excuse the pun) and I will look forward to reading about what happens when it does

BTW: great pic, I'm a freak for hosiery

DeesDon said...

Easily worth a thousand words...don't worry, you're never at a loss for words for long!
Give Dee a long deep kiss from me!

GeorgeVanna said...

wonderful photo.

Woody said...

Thats a beautiful pic of Dee. The glimpse of the fuzzy stuff developed a situation for me. Those you share Dee with are lucky men Joe. Wish I could join you sometime.

Mac said...

Wonderful pic, Joe. Don't worry, you can't always be so prolific with words. They'll come back.

johnnybarstow said...

We remember the floods more than the droughts, Joe...and you given us some spectacular floods in the past...and I think the waters, they may be arisin'!

Rosie said...

Don't worry about being entertaining, or prfound. Just write what and when you have a feeling that you want to share. (I know - look who's taking. lol)

Sheen V said...

Love the stocings!!

MikeCindynJoe said...


I know,
that you already know,
that you are not "required" to supply lurkers like me with your musings on erotica, philosophy or politics... or at all.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Life is doing that already.

Take your time and write when you can.

(Pssst... we're not hard graders)