Thursday, July 20, 2006

Our Extramarital Anniversary Celebration

It's an exciting morning. This evening we'll celebrate an anniversary a few days early. Its actual date is the 23rd, but this evening will be our closest opportunity to see Don and Mike, and to celebrate with all our clothes off the fourth complete year of sharing Dee.

It was on July 23, 2002 that Don took Dee's extramarital cherry in a few hours of love making that left me breathless in the watching. So many firsts happened that evening. Dee kissed a man - was undressed and caressed by him. She sucked his cock, and licked his balls. She spread her legs wide first for him to eat her pussy, and then to take him inside. Don fucked Dee that night missionary style a few times, with her on top, and doggie style. In between making her cum with his cock inside her he licked her to climax a number of times and laid back to enjoy more of her eager but inexperienced cock sucking. He actually said at one point during the middle of a lengthy fuck, "I won't cum until you tell me to," which I thought was amazing. And before the evening was through, I heard her - my usually non-vocal wife who was on all fours and getting it firmly from Don from behind - imploring her lover to cum inside her - to fuck her pussy and to fill her with his cum.

It wasn't only the hottest thing I'd ever witnessed; it was also very emotional and beautiful. As exciting as the sex was to watch, so it was but in a different way to see how Dee and Don touched each other, looked into each other's eyes, kissed. They were making love with affection and passion. It wasn't just about the sex. Not for any of us. It was the beginning of something fantastic which we've enjoyed for four years now and hope to continue enjoying for as long as we're able. It redefined sex for us. It opened our eyes to different kinds of love. It brought Dee and me closer than we'd ever been before and made us fall in love with each other all over again.

In the first two years we went a little overboard, inviting as many guys as we could manage to meet with to make love with Dee. Twenty guys from July of '02 through July of '04 enjoyed Dee's sexual delights in one way or another, but since then we've only met with five new guys - three last year, and two this year. We've become so wonderfully content in having either Don or Mike or both with us just about every week that we no longer seek out new partners though we keep an open mind about new, potential lovers. In this past year we enjoyed 38 extramarital experiences for a total of 183 since we started it all four years ago with Don.

I've gotten some phenomenal fringe benefits that were never a part of my original intentions in sharing Dee. I was able to take my bi-curious fantasies from the realm of make believe to reality - to discover that I love having a hard cock in my mouth even more than I thought I would. I've had the unbelievable pleasure of enjoying the nude charms of six beautiful ladies in varying degrees over the course of the past four years. I've fulfilled every last sexual fantasy I ever gave any serious thought to in my entire life, and all right beside the woman I love with my whole heart and soul.

If you're a regular here and enjoy reading about our adventures, think about us this evening, face the northeast and smile warmly in our general direction at around 6:30 EDT when we'll be at the motel with Don and Mike and the celebratory festivities will be well under way. How cool would it be if we got the same room we had that first time? If only I remembered the number!

Can you see the love making through the overt sex
as I can? It's not only smoking hot - it's beautiful!
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DeesDon said...

Beautifully described, Joe. Just as I remember it. Thanks to both of you for fulfilling every sexual fantasy I've ever entertained as well. Looking foward to a grand celebration tonight!

MrManicDepressive said...

Happy Early Anniversary. Have fun!

Suze said...

Congratulations on your 4 years of sexual discovery and adventure, sharing with us all each step of the way.

We have all enjoyed reading about these sexploits and hope to read many more in the future.

GeorgeVanna said...

Happy Anniversary

deeslittlemike said...

It was a wonderful evening tonight Dee and Joe thank you so much for inviting me to join you this evening.

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for inviting me to my third celebration of this wonderful day.


Rosie said...

We can see the love making through the overt sex in your writing. It is beautiful! And so is Dee and her guys.

Desireous said...

And what an annerversary to celebrate too! Happy anerversay, I'm sure though I don't really have to wish you that. You guys will make your own happiness ;-)


johnnybarstow said...

That Mike and Don post such great comments here speaks volumes to the interactions these folks have. Congratulations on having, and keeping, such a wonderful relationship. Hoping you have more of the same for a nice, long time...

Mac said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful. Need I say more?? Your friend, Mac

MikeCindynJoe said...

Happy Anniversary, guys!

We haven't recorded our partners and number of times like you have, but we certainly remember MC&J's anniversary.

Many, many more!


Gracie said...

that is just beautiful to have such an awesome relationship.

Cheri said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, it must have been great, I truly am so happy for all of you. You've fulfilled your fantasies and re-discovered your love in your marriage. May the fun continue for many more years to cum!!

Shel said...

((I've fulfilled every last sexual fantasy I ever gave any serious thought to in my entire life, and all right beside the woman I love with my whole heart and soul.))

Amen, Sir... keep up the fine work! I was lucky enough to be the "addition" that resparked a married couple's relationship, and we have had many, many adventures together in many, many combinations. It has been a real pleasure helping them rediscover their enjoyment of each other, and the excitement of learning previously-hidden erotic fires... Not to mention being able to fulfill many/most of MY fantasies, both hetero- and bi, as well...

Best erotic wishes for cunt-tinued suck-cess!