Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ejaculating in Mid Air

I started out the morning by taking some pics of Dee moist from the shower getting dressed which I like to do every few days so I can send a pic of her either nude or in her undies to Mike's cell phone, and then after sending him a choice shot of her in her coral panties, I trolled through one of my favorite newsgroups,


a usual treasure trove of wife next door, MILF types of all shapes and sizes. After cuddling for a while with Dee in the nude and then sending her off to work, my cock was ready for some relief and I wasn't about to wait for this evening when we'll take to the bed for our usual Tuesday fun. Thus, my visit to the newsgroup where I whipped out my cock here in the 'puter chair to start downloading pics from the group in earnest.

Of course it's not only the MILFs who get me hard and leaking precum; there are just as many, if not more, guys there in the P-Y-N group showing off their stiff wares for anybody inclined to view them. I selected whatever picture sets seemed to be promising, and stroked my cock slowly while viewing the pictures as they came down. It had been a while since I drained the group of pics so I was content to do myself at leisure while taking in as many hot sights as I could. I set on pleasuring myself for at least an hour before thinking about cumming, and it was over an hour later that I finally gave in to the maddening urge to spray.

Toward the end of the articles - all 15,000 of them - I came upon a series of video clips entitled, "Look no hands," with the standard designation of [M] to indicate that a guy was featured. My heart skipped a beat! Could it be? I had to interrupt the downloads in progress to start pulling down one of these promising vids. If it was what I thought it might be - a clip of a man cumming without his cock being touched - I knew it was going to be one hell of an orgasm that I'd be having myself after watching him. It took a little while for the clip to make it through with the minutes feeling like hours. My cock was dancing between my fingers, eager to "see" the first video. And then, it was here.

I started the media player and there he was - a nice bodied guy with a beautiful cock and balls. He was semi hard, but as I watched his cock grew fully erect and then stood up away from his belly - all without being touched in any way. The muscles of his torso tightened, his hips shook ever so slightly and then it happened. Without so much as a feather's touch his cock shot a stream of thick semen up onto his tummy - and then another, and another. It was riveting and incredibly exciting!

I'm fascinated by sexual tension and a guy cumming without his dick being physically stimulated trumps every other kind. I've done it myself - getting painfully close to orgasm and then stopping short of the penultimate few strokes, hanging in that dizzying balance, feeling my climax approaching from the exertion of sheer will power, and then gushing an amazingly satisfying, deep, toe-curling climax with my cock humping up against nothing but air molecules and gushing hot blasts of cum in mid air. The videos this morning were too hot for me to try to duplicate their raw, ferocious power on my own while I was watching them. I frigged my cock vigorously and had a phenomenal orgasm while watching this guy cumming spontaneously without so much as a single touch of fingertip to cock flesh. Wow!

A capture from an old video clip of yours truly adorned
with cock rings and cumming in mid air without
touching my throbbing cock while I was ejaculating.
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Suze said...

I love to do this with Alex, bring him to boiling point. Let him simmer there for a while and then watch him explode as I rub myself in front of him.

Maybe I will look up some clips myself. ;)

Saranonymous said...

I've never tried to have my husband do this. Now I want to play with his cock. :-D

Mac said...

That is one of my favorite newsgroups and I've downloaded thousands of pictures from it but I've never see one of Dee or at least I didn't know it was Dee. I'd sure love to see them.