Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Passing By

We were on our way home from a short trip over the weekend and beside one of the interstate exits we passed along the way was the fancier than our usual hotel in which Dee made love with Michael three years ago. I couldn't say anything with our daughter in the car, but I smiled and couldn't help but remember some of the exciting moments of that afternoon we spent with him, a one time meeting as he was passing through on his way to a conference.

Except for one rather sleazy jerk to whom we'd given too generous a benefit of doubt, all of Dee's lovers have been gentlemen who were as caring, passionate and appropriately affectionate when they were with us as they claimed to be in their mails to us beforehand. Michael was no exception and because he was one of the first lovers to have Dee after that first year which was Don's almost exclusively the memories of his time with Dee remain somewhat special to me. Well, that and his remarkable endowment of penile girth.

If you're a long time reader here and remember some of our background, you might recall that I'd thought about sharing Dee even when I'd only known her for a few weeks. I couldn't have shared her then because I was rabidly jealous, but back in those first few weeks of falling in love when Dee was stroking my cock and telling me about having sex with other guys before we met, the images going through my head of her doing the things she was telling me about stiffened my dick more than it had ever been erect in all my life. One of the things she mentioned was that the guy to whom she was engaged when we met and started dating (in spite of her engagement) had a very thick cock and that their attempts at fucking were very frustrating because it hurt her every time they did it. The thought of her precious pussy in pain wasn't stimulating, but the mental picture of a cudgel sized dick working her tight little hole was. Very! Thus, twenty years later, when in one of his letters to us Michael promised a noteworthy girth to his cock, the old brain's arousal button was pressed firmly as I remembered Dee talking about her former fiancees's large dick as if she had only recently mentioned it to me.

Early in their foreplay Dee acquaints herself with her new
lover's thick cock by exploring every square millimeter
of its veiny girth with her eager mouth.

Since our trip this past Saturday I've gone through the pictures of Dee and Michael's love making a few times, enjoying all over again the most stimulating scenes which weren't all cock in pussy shots. There are some very sweet snapshots of their tender foreplay in the series which are as gripping emotionally as the explicit ones are sexually. One of my favorites which, unfortunately, I can't show you is of Dee and Michael with the tips of their tongues dancing together only seconds before he penetrated her for the first time. There's so much raw passion evident in that kiss shared as Michael and Dee moved to align themselves to come together as one flesh and that shot is to me as arousing as the subsequent ones of his thick cock stretching her pussy wide as he slid slowly balls deep up inside her.

I knew from the start - from the very first serious discusssion that Dee and I ever had about the possibility of sharing her - that in order to do so I'd have to allow her to express herself emotionally in such a setting. I knew that it could never be "just sex" to her because of who she is a person. I knew that I'd have to come to terms with her expressing genuine affection for her partner(s). Though I'd seen her give herself to Don in body, mind, heart, and soul in their many times together in that first year, somehow watching her do the same with Michael was especially touching to me. Yes, I was powerfully aroused in watching the amazing width of his dick sliding through Dee's labia in each of the positions they enjoyed, but I was, perhaps even more moved and excited in feeling the connection between them - a truly deep connection in their coupling so evident in the way they looked at each other when Michael was inside her, particularly when he brought her each time to climax.

As I remember Michael and Dee making love and sit here writing about it and the memories I'm a bit overwhelmed with good feelings because there was something emotionally special to me in seeing how his big cock filled her while they were exchanging affectionate emotions in their coupling. Michael had two orgasms with Dee that afternoon, the first while doing her ever so slowly and the second while fucking her fast, hard, and deep. Each time was, though, just as powerfully emotional as the other in its own way and afterwards in their afterglow of just lying side by side kissing and caressing each other - both times - there was a wonderful something in the air apparent even to me sitting in a nearby chair.

I remember in contrast our own "bad years" during which it wasn't so much the sex with Dee that was less than satisfying but the emotional void between us that tore at my heart when we tried to make love but only really went through the paces more or less emotionlessly for sixteen years running. I came to know too late in life that incredible connection between sex and love (in its various forms and degress). And I came best to appreciate my own wife's most deep emotional nature in standing back and watching her express it in her love making with other men. Somehow I can best appreciate the totality of self that Dee gives to me in our own love making by being on the outside looking in when she shares herself in part with her lovers.

Michael and I have exchanged mails a few times in the years since the afternoon we shared with him. He hasn't been up this way again since but assures me that he'll be in touch if business brings him through here in the future. I'd like to see him and his hefty cock make love with Dee again. I think it would be just as special as that first time - for all three of us.

When Michael bottomed out in Dee's tight pussy it thrilled
me to see how his meaty cock was filling her so much that
it was swelling the taut flesh of her perineum from the inside."
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Woody said...

Hi Joe, Between picture one and two I can't decide. Both very hot. I think I like one the best and want to thank you for sharing it with us. All I can help but think is maybe someday. Love your blog!

Mac said...

This is a very well written piece and gives so much insight into what you and Dee share with her lovers. Although very erotic, the emotional impact and genuine closeness that you all share is so lovely and so evident in your words.

GeorgeVanna said...

thanks, joe for another thought provoking piece.

Cheri said...

Wow, I really love to hear about you and Dee's past. It amazes me how much your relationship has changed and grown. Now as for the pix, that is one fine specimen of a thick cock. Very yummy pix!! Thanks for sharing

partygirljessica said...

I thought the cock this guy from webdate flashed me was the thickest I ever saw. Boy was I ever wrong. Anyway, you have a very amusing blog!