Sunday, August 27, 2006

All Wrapped Up In Dee

I'm amazed at how much of my sexuality I've wrapped up in Dee's. Maybe too much...

When Don first suggested to us a long time ago that we meet with a couple he knew before we met him, it sounded wonderfully exciting to me - on paper. Dee would play with the husband and I'd get to play with the wife, and the wife would play with Dee, and Don would be in there playing with both of the ladies at various times. And it was nice when it actually happened. Nice. Not earth shattering. Not cock throbbing phenomenal. It was nice. The other guy's wife was very hot looking. I got my first blow job in over 20 years during which I was told up front that the lady wanted me to cum in her mouth so she could swallow my load. I watched another woman lick my wife's swollen pussy. I saw my wife suck and fuck two cocks besides my own for the first time in one evening. It was nice.

Since that evening I've had my share of experiences with some wonderful women. I've gotten some great head and had the pleasure of licking a number of really delicious slits. I've felt the insides of a variety of heavenly pussies with my bare cock. And all of those experiences have been very nice. But I've never once jumped up and down nor climbed the walls as you'd think I should have in being given these marvelous opportunites that most married guys will never have to enjoy sex with women other than their spouses, with not only my wife's knowledge, but her approval and presence as well. As those days approached when I knew we'd be playing with other couples, I felt no extraordinary excitement. I went to work on the days themselves as if they were just any other days. The sex I had was nice. It felt as fantastically wonderful to my dick as you can imagine it did. But, where was the incredible excitement you (and I myself) would expect me to have felt in anticipation? I don't know.

I do know that even when I was on a bed with a woman, my focus was always on the other bed - on what Dee was doing with the other guy(s). I slipped my cock out of more than one deep, vigorous blowjob to get pictures of a hard cock plowing Dee's pussy. It's almost as if the sight of Dee having sex is better than having sex myself. Not that that makes any sense, but little here usually does when I get introspective.

I am somewhat disappointed that I don't seem to get that wildly excited about sex with anybody other than Dee, for the most part. Sex with others is nice. Very nice. It's a lot of fun! But it's just better with Dee, whether I'm standing on the sidelines watching her give and get it, or doing it all with her myself.

K's pussy felt absolutely wonderful and the sight of her
bare back and ass were scrumptious, yet I couldn't take
my eyes off the bed next to us where K's husband, R,
was getting sucked by Dee and then fucking her.
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Woody said...

Such a bond is unequaled Joe. Indeed you know when you have something good and as you should you have great confidence in her love for you.

Banana Boy said...

I really love how you are just so comfortable with your wife being with other men.
I think the thought of it is a turn on for alot of people but, when it happens, it never lives up to it.
With you, we really get the feeling it is emotional AND sexual>
It's really great.
Keep it up, stud.

NotSoNormal said...

I feel ya Joe...Great post.

Mac said...

The reason is that you love her, Joe and you love her deeply and her pleasure will always be what you think of first and foremost.