Friday, August 25, 2006


What a fucktastic evening we had yesterday!

For starters, Dan asked Dee to tell him more about our date nights when they were talking during a break at work. Talking about it with Dan had Dee's pussy already in a froth even before she got home from work so by the time we joined Mike at the motel her body was nicely primed for the evening's naked festivities. Dan is still apparently thinking about Dee out of her clothes and doing all of those fun Dee things, but unfortunately he's still squeamish about dicking her in front of me. I do hope he'll eventually get beyond that because every day at work there's a marked sexual tension between them and I think it would be particularly explosive to see them release it.

No, Mack never did make it out to see us. To his credit he did let us know on Wednesday that it would be a close call because he didn't anticipate being free until around the time that Dee and I usually head home from the motel, and he did write last night to express his regrets and his hopes of joining us sometime in the future. That he didn't get there last night, though, didn't detract any from our excitement at the possibility. We waited with half ears all around for my phone to ring in hopes of getting Mack's hefty cock into my mouth and into Dee's pussy.

My phone did ring at one point and the call, though it wasn't Mack, added even more to an already wonderful evening of fun with Mike. It was Don calling to say hello! He'd been out of town and we haven't seen him since the first of the month so when Dee heard his voice her face lit up with a big case of puppy dog eyes and the glee in her own voice was so sweet. She was even more turned on after Don's call. Though he couldn't join us in the flesh he was sure with us in spirit for the rest of the evening!

Best of all, Dee was finally feeling like her good and horny self - the first time on a date night since she was hospitalized overnight last month. Last night, for the first time since then, she was able to make love with Mike in their favorite position - with her heels up on Mike's shouders which puts him deep in her pussy and at just the right angle to make her cum like a maniac again and again. Dee's orgasms just kept on rolling every time Mike got his cock up inside her and she got him to fill her pussy with hot cum three times before it was time for us to head home. I had an orgasm beyond words when I fucked Dee myself and watched her suck Mike's cock at the same time, and another later when I was stroking myself and she set to licking my balls like a pro. I'd have screwed her a second time myself but her tongue on my nuts felt too damned good for me to stop.

I do believe that it was one of our best evenings of sharing Dee ever. Yep, it was! My cock just yelled up at me to confirm it. Now I need to smack him around a little for raising his voice to me.

It was so good to see Dee and Mike enjoying their favorite
position again with her heels on his shoulders so his cock
could achieve maximum penetration in her snug pussy.
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Desireous said...

Too bad about the big mack but hey you weren't lacking in the fun department that is for certain! ;-)