Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hungry for a "Big Mack"

Mack wrote overnight again and we're really hoping to see him tomorrow evening - out of his clothes and ready to cum a few times. The only possible hang-up will be what time he finishes his sales calls. He did warn us that he might not be able to make it to the motel till around the time we usually leave for home so all we can do now is hope that he'll be free early enough to share in some fun with us. Whether or not he makes it, we'll have a full slate of pleasure to tend to with Mike so it's not like we'll be waiting around doing nothing in hopes of him calling. And the excitement of waiting for Mack's call will add to the evening's fun whether or not he finishes work early enough to meet with us.

The best news... He doesn't mind at all if I suck his cock too! I've not had the pleasure of wrapping my eager lips around too many noteworthily thick ones and if Mack's as endowed with girth as he seems to be in his picture that's going to be a very nice mouthful for me to nosh on, not to mention a good pussy stuffing for Dee.

I've been brief here the past few days because kiddo #1 is packing to return to college and there's been more traffic through here than usual. I've seen some of those shirts they wear on campus with just about any kind of saying on them and I really don't need my kid reading over my shoulder here and then sporting a tee that reads, "My Dad Sucked A Whopper of a Dick and All I Got Was This Shirt." On the other hand, "Ask My MILF of a Mom About Her Ankle Bracelet," might be pretty cool!
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Rosie said...

If you had a shirt with a saying on it - what would it say, Joe?

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Rosie, probably something like, If You Think I'm Grinning 'Cause I Just Had Great Sex, You're Right!


Woody said...

Naturally Mack will let you pleasure his member Joe. How could anyone refuse. With my head between Dees legs and cock in your mouth I would think Christmas came early this year.

Did Woody really say that?


Mac said...

I love your sense of humor, Joe.

Desireous said...

Hope you enjoy your Big Mack! Boy could I ever use some man meat tonight!!!


NotSoNormal said...

Wow...lookin forward to the next post to see what went on next!

Hopin for ya!