Thursday, August 24, 2006

Anticipating Our Evening

From where I sit at the moment we're only a few hours away from discovering whether or not we'll be enjoying Mack's delicious looking cock this evening - me, in my mouth - Dee, in her mouth, her pussy, and maybe even her ass if she's in the mood. When I'm finished writing here I'll be heading upstairs to do my usual date night routine of trimming up my shave down below, washing my fun parts better than a raccoon would scrub an apple, and getting into my "precum pants". I like ritual. The simple preparations of getting my wife sharing game on heighten my awareness of the excitement I feel as I anticipate the evening's fare of sexual dalliance. And, in getting ready as I do, I'm already beginning the wind up of sexual tension that I'll build up to be released later this evening when I finally take to the bed with Dee myself, after her lovers have cum with her, to have yet another mind blowing orgasm of immense proportions.

Yes, a huge portion of what Dee and I do on a date night is about her - about her pleasure - about her having as many orgasms as she can have with her lovers and about her having a good variety of them. My own spectacular moment of release, though, is also a big part of the overall equation. When I cum after watching Dee in action with the guys, it's never one of those small, dribbling kinds of climaxes. It's the cannon type usually gushed mightily up inside Dee's pussy - adding a few million more sperm to the others already happily swimming around in her. It's a great moment - one of the true highlights of just about every week. And when I gush into her like that, with the other guys who've already enjoyed cumming with Dee sitting around watching me do it, I'm on top of the world in knowing that I'm the one she's going home with. I'm the lucky one who gets to spend the best of his waking minutes with her every day.

Am I making any kind of point here? I guess I'm really not saying anything new. I'm basically rambling. But it's that kind of day for me - a keyed up, excited, aroused, rambling kind of a day. I want to suck a very hard cock and eat some cum filled pussy. I want to have my own cock sucked and my balls tongued for a while. I want to blow a major load of cum and if I don't howl audibly when I'm squirting I sure as hell will be on the inside. The best part of wanting all of this is knowing that soon I'll have my fill because even if Mack can't make it Mike will be there with us and it'll be another wonderful notch in the figurative bedpost for us.

This is where I can't wait to be - up in Dee's
warm center - filling her with so much hot cum
that her sweet pussy's overflowing before I'm finished.
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Rosie said...

A toast the eveyone's anticipation. Enjoy!

Banana Boy said...

I'm almost faint with antici............... pation!

I can't imagine what the wait was doing to you guys! Lol

Woody said...

Raise the mast and all hands on deck. That sperm oozing out the hole gets me every time.

Rosie said...

Joe, you got me rattled (because of your grammer post the other day.) I was actually worried about spelling anticipation correctly and ended up with a garbled sentence. A toast TO....

NotSoNormal said...

Great post. Oh that pleasure of sharing your loving wife, knowing that she's been pleasured in a way that will leave her smiling and satisfied. :D

Lookin forward to the update!