Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jack In The Box

I'm sure I've mentioned before my love of sexual tension as it's captured at various times in pictures. Penthouse and Hustler epitomized this style of picture when they were testing the waters in going beyond their usual fare of pink to include pictorials of ladies and gentlemen poised to go all the way, but not quite there yet. I sprayed dozens of quarts of adolescent cum enraptured by these shots of women with their wet lips frozen in time mere centimeters away from throbbing, hard cocks - with their little fingers guiding richly veined dicks to their ripe openings. Touching, fondling, simulating everything but not really doing it. How I pitied those guys in the pics ever on the verge of having sex, but not having it - and yet, I'd have traded one of my nuts to be in any one of their places just to have my excited cock touched by those ladies - to have their mouths and cunts even that close to the rubbery, purple head of my swollen dick.

Dee and I don't typically orchestrate a date night with anybody and usually just let horny nature take its course. The overall mood of the evening, our individual levels of energy, our individual degrees of libido all combine each time to made every sharing experience unique. Nevertheless, at times we might entertain a specific request as we did in March of '04 when Jack wrote to ask if he might just watch one of our date nights unfold and masturbate. No interaction with Dee was expected on his part and he was assured that it would likely not happen because only he and I had basically been in touch and Dee hadn't exchanged any significant mails with him herself. It turned out to be one of the hottest, most sexual tension filled experiences of my life!

We met Mike at the motel room around 5:50 and it wasn't long before clothes were coming off. Dee wore thigh high hose that evening which is most unusual, and they stayed on her for most of the evening. She looked great, especially when Mike got her nude except for the hosiery and I helped him restrain her arms and legs by binding her wrists and ankles so she could do little except to accept whatever means he and I might devise to give her pleasure. Pleasure her we did, keeping her bound for close to an hour, and Jack arrived at 7:00 while Mike and I were tending to a very turned on Dee with some of her favorite dildos. He stripped quietly and positioned himself to the side of the bed by the couch. I placed a chair much closer to the action and gestured for Jack to sit there to enjoy a better view of Dee's pussy being worked by the toys.

This was the basic view that Jack enjoyed while he
watched us screw Dee with her favorite toys and then
saw Dee mount Mike and milk his cock to orgasm.

Jack and I hadn't discussed my bi inclinations at all so I wasn't about to surprise him with that in person by asking him if I could suck his cock, but I was very aroused in watching him watching Dee and Mike. There he sat with a rock hard erection slowly working it with his hand. I could see that he was leaking precum generously and using it as a lube while his fingers stroked his shaft and rubbed his glans. When we untied Dee she immediately mounted Mike and started gliding her very aroused cunt up and down on his very hard cock. It was obvious by the way Jack moved his hips in rhythm with his hand that he wished that he could be on the bed pushing up into Dee's juicy hole as Mike was doing each time Dee slid down onto him. I was really getting off in seeing that Jack was very turned on and wanting Dee, but he knew that he was only welcome to watch and stroke himself to climax. One of the hottest moments for me was when Mike finally groaned his pleasure and shot Dee's pussy full of cum. I watched Jack from the corner of my eye and I could tell by how his hand was really working his hard cock at that point that he wished that it was his dick squirting passionately up into Dee's warm hole.

After Mike filled Dee up with cum they cuddled
and played together on the bed some more while
Jack continued to pleasure himself in the chair.
I was mesmerized by the sight of Jack stroking.

Twenty-three long minutes passed between Jack's arrival and when Dee gestured for him to come sit on the bed beside her and Mike. I watched Jack's stiff cock bob with each of the few steps he took. He was so turned on that when he sat at the edge of the bed his cock pointed straight toward the ceiling! I watched Dee's hand snake across the sheet in Jack's general direction even as she was locked tightly in a kiss with Mike. Jack hissed and his whole body tensed when he felt Dee's fingertips found his cock and wrapped around his shaft. With trembling fingers he reached for Dee's bare breast as she sat up beside him and tightened her grasp around his erection. Two minutes later, at 7:25, I watched Dee guide her moist lips toward Jack's cock and captured this shot - one of my finest sexual tension snaps of all time.

Poised perpetually in this shot, Jack's steel hard
cock waits to feel Dee's soft mouth engulf him.

Jack's twitches were too eager while Dee sucked his cock and licked his balls - she could tell that his orgasm was imminent. For expecting only to watch and play with himself, Jack was on the verge of ecstasy with his excited prick inside Dee's warm mouth feeling her soft tongue working it all over. She knew he wasn't going to last long, and somewhere along the line she decided that she would give Jack the ultimate pleasure. Dee popped his cock from between her lips, laid back and raised her legs, and gestured for Jack to mount her. I saw her little fingers reach down to guide him into her welcoming pussy as he got into position between her thighs. It was 7:32 when Dee pressed Jack's glans to the dimple of her vagina and with a flex of his hips he slid up into her.

After having expected only to watch Dee nude and
in action while masturbating to orgasm, Jack was given
the ultimate treat - the chance to fuck her eager pussy.

Jack was a goner from nearly the first stroke of his throbbing hard cock in Dee's velvety folds. By the time stamp on the pictures, it was only a minute later that he gushed an amazingly large, thick load of cum into Dee's churning cunt. Though he didn't fuck her long enough to bring Dee to climax, she nonetheless got off on knowing just how much pleasure she was giving to Jack who never thought when he made the long drive up to see us that he might receive the exceptional pleasure of feeling everything with Dee that he'd seen her do in so many pictures. The tension in the room as it built toward the release of Jack's great climax made the evening one of the best for me.

Jack filled Dee with one of the biggest, thickest loads
of cum that I've seen her precious pussy take to date.

The evening of play continued hot and heavy for another hour. Dee sucked and fucked me, and both Mike and Jack again while we brought her to orgasm after orgasm with fingers, tongues, and grateful hard cocks. Jack enjoyed Dee doggie style the second time he slid up into her and pumped her for a good while with his stiff dick to return the favor of the fantastic climax Dee had given to him earlier. Anybody else want to come up and "watch?"*

* That offer is strictly rhetorical. We're not really looking for any new playmates at the moment.
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Woody said...

Woody couldn't resist the offer like he can't resist spilling a big juicy load just reading this and looking at the pictures. Soooooo hot.

Norton said...

That was so awesome.
Your pics are so vivid.
That last one especially...

I for one will be ordering the DVD when it comes out!

Sexy Duet said...

I should have known better than to read that while at work. The writing, completed with pictures, just too much!


GeorgeVanna said...

Absolutely, Joe.

MikeCindynJoe said...

You absolutely have outdone yourself again! "Sexual tension" is the perfect description, as I couldn't breathe the entire read! Dammit man, you nearly killed me! VERY hot!

Although Jack was a much quicker study than Joe was (lol), I'm especially interested in his continued playtime with you guys. Lucky Jack!


MikeCindynJoe said...

And I LOVE thi-highs!

OMG... yer killin' me!

deeslittlemike said...

I remember this night very well Joe. Something very special happened this night for me as well.

It was the very first time Little Mike found his way into Dee's ass. If I recall correctly he shot a great fountain of cum in there. It was a wonderful first experience for me.

Thank you very much to both you and Dee for sharing the way you do.


Michael said...

I love this blog! It captures the essence of the Hotwife lifestyle I've enjoyed with four different women over the years.

The WPC said...

I'm always amazed by the connection you have with your various lovers, and the fact that this, in turn, brings you closer to each other.
I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time commenting, simply because, for some reason, I feel inspired to.
I find your blog incredibly erotic, yet it is more than just a 'horny' read, more than just a response to a base instinct. It's something deeper, and until recently, certainly a scenario I could see myself in within my own group of friends. But having unfortunately been in the position to have that trust in an intimate partner crushed by their callous actions it's a prospect that now scares me. BUt you never know, time is a healer as the saying goes, so maybe one day I'll once again feel able to explore that side of my sexuality.
Until then, I'll keep reading, and maybe add the odd comment or two ;) You're both so very lucky to have each other.