Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer 1981

Twenty five years ago this year Dee turned a legal 18, and twenty five years ago this summer she offered the gift of her virginity to one of her best friends at the time - Richie, a married man over twice her age who was her boss at the job she worked each summer through junior high and her freshman year of college. So much of my sexuality since I met Dee goes back to her stories of the sex she shared with Richie and if you're a late comer to the blog I've written quite a bit about that here and there since I began this journal of our marriage, love, and sexuality.

I hadn't known Dee much longer than a month or so when we became sexually active together while we were falling in love. The minute she told me about the loss of her virginity to Richie something changed inside me. I became extremely jealous, but powerfully aroused at the same time. After nearly twenty years of lying dormant but quite alive, the seed of that phenomenally strong arousal would grow into the sharing lifestyle we now enjoy.

For years I'd resented Richie, believing that he was just a dirty old man and an opportunist preying on a pretty teen girl's need for friendship. That was, though, because until four years ago Dee had never told me the full story of the loss of her virginity - how her friendship with Richie developed and blossomed over time, and how it was she who asked him to deflower her and not he pressuring her to give herself fully to him. And, admittedly, having spent sixteen years in a somewhat empty marriage myself, I can admit some understanding of how Richie became smitten with the attention Dee returned to him as they worked side by side and as a result grew to desire her. I might have done the same in similar circumstances had a nubile, young lass struck up a friendship with me during our bad years.

We tried finding Richie via the internet four years ago when we started sharing Dee, but we had no luck. I've tried now and then subsequently with with no more success than in our first effort. Dee primarily wanted to thank him for having been the friend she needed once upon a time - for being someone who cared for her when nobody else seemed willing to give her the time of day. I, on the other hand, wanted to invite him to make love again with Dee. I thought it would be just awesome for her first real lover to have her again, without a condom so he could experience the fullness of the pleasure that Dee's pussy provides to a hard cock, and admittedly because I thought it would be really special for them to reunite intimately after twenty years. Somehow, when Dee told me about giving her cherry to Richie, I wished I could have been there - not to take his place, but to watch. I'd still like to see them together. I think it would be the ultimate sharing experience to see Dee's very first lover bounce his balls off her buns and fill her pussy with white hot cum.

It was twenty five years ago this summer that Dee
raised her legs like this for her first real lover to put
his cock inside her - at her insistence.
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A beautiful natural snatch shot. Such a willing poser. Ain't that nice.