Sunday, August 06, 2006

MILFs On The Beach

Oh, happy day with a long zoom lens! We attended an annual family picnic at the lake where one of my relatives lives and as usual the sights at the beach were just magnificent - most specifically the sights of the delicious MILFs tending to their kidlets with no clue that I was watching them with a leer in my eyes and half a chubby in my shorts. From the pavilion about a hundred yards from the white sand I was in my glory snapping pics that I'll be enjoying with my pants off even when the lake's long frozen over and the sweet ladies in my pictures will be curled up in front of the hearth with a warm cup of cocoa while I'll be busy whipping up something warm of my own in my lap.

One of the delicious mom types upon whom my eyes
feasted gluttonously at the beach this afternoon.

Having Dee as a subterfuge makes taking MILF pics as easy as pie for me. Without her right next to me I'd too obviously be a lecher taking pictures of people on the beach. With a lean toward her and an extended finger as if I'm pointing out something interesting right before I hit the shutter button I look like an amateur photographer type eager to be sharing a studied composition with my one and only. Little would anyone suspect that what I'm likely whispering to Dee as I'm raising the camera is something like, "Pretend we're looking at something together. I'm waiting for that MILF to bend over."

Another hot mom from the beach with
whom I'd like to do the oingo-boingo.

Sigh! If only there were a safe way to approach a great looking married lady to compliment her body without possibly getting slapped in the face, or worse, decked by her husband. I still wonder if the average MILF would appreciate a well meant and sincere compliment and accept it with a smile rather than to think or scream, "Pervert!" automatically upon receiving one. Well, okay, I'd concede the camera around my neck in such a case. That would make even me think PERVERT!
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You are totally and absolutely a perv and I love it.

Damn, I hope neither of those women see their pictures here.


Desireous said...

Well I always enjoy it!


MikeCindynJoe said...

Since Cindy and I began our new direction, I now can't help looking at ALL women and wonder if they could have a hot-wife half like Cindy, a'la the "Orgiastic Shopper"(July 19th). Cindy does too. Sometimes she'll see a nice looking gal, nod and say, "I wonder what she's like at home." Let's face it, Dee and Cindy are certainly not "the only ones" and it's fun fantasizing about all the others.

As far as perving on the MILF's, I'd say oogle all you want, but be discreet with the camera or you might get to meet your subject's husband who's probably not as nearly understanding as you and I are.

Woody said...

Ah the MILF's. Best I remember was a vacation a couple years back at Jamaica. Some fine topless women frequent those places and you, Joe, would have been walking around with a chugger like I had. I sent my adult daughter out to collect me a photo to bring home to the guys and for personal use and bragging rights. The water exercise classes every morning were worth getting up early to watch also.

MrManicDepressive said...

You lucky bastard! All I got on vacation was wrecking ball sized moms on parade. Glad you got some nice views.