Saturday, August 05, 2006

Me In Dee

Although I usually spend most of my words here in telling about our fun with Dee's lovers sometimes I just like to wallow in the joy I feel in being with my dear wife myself. Yesterday we had the house to ourselves for a few hours and enjoyed a fabulous afternooner. When I came in Dee it felt as if my entire body was going to flow into her pussy through the tip of my cock. It was an intense, long, drawn-out orgasm that felt like I was gushing into Dee for many minutes like a firehose rather than in the short-lived and distinct spurts of a typical ejaculation. A climax that distorts time like that and seems to go on much longer than an ordinary one always reminds me of just how close the two of us are - of how perfectly at home I feel when I'm inside her very body with a part of my own. Sex with my soulmate is always the best.

Something you don't see too often here -
me inside Dee, where I'd live if I could.
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Anonymous said...

That's it, the perfection, is isn't it?

CJ and I beleive we are soulmates and when we have one of the special sessions it breathes live back to us as individuals and as a couple.

Keep lovin'

Suze said...

Joe, it's great to hear that you found your mojo.

Nothing compares to sharing a moment of extreme pleasure with your special lover. Even better if you can take time out in the afternoon.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Joe! You have such a rockin' behind!

GeorgeVanna said...

Super. Enjoyed your photos at SMYW.


Banana Boy said...

That's a great photo.
Really sexual.

I'm fairly new to "sex blogging" but I'm hoping to read more soon...

Rosie said...

Must agree with AAG - that is a great behind. And why do I always notice how Dee's feet have the cutest little inward curl to them? Should I be worried?

Sheen V said...

Great description of your orgasm! Love the photo and Dee's feet!!