Friday, September 22, 2006

Dropping In

Our date nights continue in spite of my odd funk. They're fun. They're as rewarding and fulfilling as they've always been. The only difference seems to be that I'm not dying to talk about them nor to put any real effort into documenting them for the general public's reading and viewing pleasure.

I got a phenomenal prostate work-out again last night, along with having my cock sucked at the same time. Although I didn't ejaculate till I fucked Dee's pussy later, it felt like I orgasmed a few dozen times over the course of ten minutes or so. The sensations are the absolute best I've felt in ages - maybe ever. Sure, I've shoved things up my own ass while masturbating, but it's kind of like tickling - you can't really do it to yourself as well as somebody else can do it to you.

Dee was fantastically verbal last evening. I don't think I've ever heard her mewl to have her ass fucked as imploringly as she did yesterday. She'd likely have begged for that stiff cock to stretch out her ass if she had to. Luckily, she didn't have to, though she did beg for it not to stop plowing her between the buns. Her climaxes were exquisite!

The tight ring of Dee's perky asshole has quite
the pleasurable grip on a hard, fast moving cock.
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stroker said...

excellent--you sound like you are in the zone..or at least getting back picture

Banana Boy said...

That's an awesome pic.

Don't feel the need to entertain us.
We'll read your blog no matter what.

Hope you can pull yourself out of your "funk", as it were.


Mac said...

Great picture, Joe. You'll be 100% back soon. I just feel it.

Mike Howey said...

Great blog! You were the first of these "sex blogs" I read. After finding Lara's 1000 words, I decided to start my own, too , at
Keep on going, great! Mike

Pierre said...

Few things in life are as great as a good ass-fucking. Your right: having that tight hole squeeze your cock as your head feels the softness up inside is VERY pleasurable. The tip of my cock has been well-treated itself, lately. The question is: do you cum inside to fill that hole up with your load and see it come out later, or do you pull out and see how far it shoots? This is a question for the ages.


Pierre said...

By the way, tell Dee I think she's got a great-looking pleasure valley!


Woody said...

Joe, your pictures are the hottest. That glistening cock and the tightly stretched bunghole make a fellow like me that is just browsing end up taking the next step. I can almost smell Dee's juices on the cock and it makes me think how much I would love to be running my tongue up and down that beautiful slit. You are the man.

MikeCindynJoe said...

I know I already commented earlier on a different post, but I just had to cum back to this pic because it is just SO FUKKIN' HOT!

Dude... you ROCK!