Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In Praise of Ants

And now for something completely off topic for my 400th entry here at Sharing Dee...

Y'ever have an ant farm?

Every now and then I get interested again in watching webcams. No! Not what you're thinking - and rightly so 'cause I'm such a perv - that I'm talking about watching girls baring their boobies and guys jerking off. I'm talking about random webcams around the world featuring small slices of life in clothing. I'm reminded when viewing them, of watching the ants doing their little ant stuff in an ant farm. There are some little ants playing billiards over here, and some other ants working in a computer lab over there. Yet another view is of ants driving little ant cars on little ant streets. And way across the world are more little ants building their little ant buildings. The only thing I can't do is poke them with a stick or shake 'em up, but I'd like to think I've grown out of doing that to ants.

I find the live scenes somewhat hypnotic and fascinating.

I feel like some kind of big eye looking down on the various views. Most of the people in them seem, and most likely are, totally oblivious to the presence of a webcam in their space.

There's talk of putting up municipal cameras downtown here so the police can check in on the low life hanging around the inner city. I hope they do - if the view is made public and big brother's not the only one who gets to watch the fun. I really don't care if somebody sees me at the farmers' market picking a wedgie out of my ass crack or working something loose out of a nostril with a well placed fingertip. The chagrin would be well worth the price of getting to see some of the locals with a few loose screws who are usually more humorous than troublesome.

How about you? Are you putting on a show somewhere? Can I watch? Doesn't have to be naked, mind you. Just candid. Real.

Be my ant!

Some of my New York City ants doing their thing in the rain.
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1 comment:

Banana Boy said...

I used to work in a pub.
Behind the kitchen door, out the back, we had a cctv camera that over-looked our delivery area.
This was next to a quiet back street.

Being bored, and 20 at the time, I put a sign up next to the camera saying "Flash for drinks".

Man, that cost me an awful lot of free drinks.
However, we did see LOTS of boobs.
An arse, and a man fellating a traffic cone.